Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LuLu's 6th Birthday Party

Yes, yes. LuLu's birthday was in June, as was her party. Forgive me, but at least I posted it eventually, right?

She decided to have her birthday party at Rollaero, a local skating rink with an old fashioned hardwood floor. Her outfit for the day had been put together by Lisa as a present, and Lu LOVED it. Note the "Being 6 Rocks!" tshirt.

The favors for the party were Hannah Montana glasses filled with goodies, along with a Hannah Montana serving tray for each guest.

In attendence, all the usual suspects. Chris and her kids

My sister Chrissy and her daughters

My father in law and his wife

My Mom and Ginger

Some of Lu's friends

including Sarah, who couldn't skate because of a broken arm

Most of the party involved - naturally enough - roller skating. Lu is far and away the best skater among her friends. Sometimes I'd take one of them around the rink, but for the most part her pals inched along the wall.

Many of the kids did participate in the limbo contest, and if I'm right Meadow wound up winning it all.

Smiley skated too, for a minute. He soon thought better of it and hung out around the adults.

Soon it was time for cake.

Followed by presents

There's not a whole lot more commentary to produce, other than to note that everyone had a blast and the party serenly took place while a thunderstorm raged outside :)

Happy (belated) birthday LuLu! We love you!!!!!


The Lam said...

I love the "Being 6 Rocks" shirt.

Sybil said...

Love Sybil xx

Bridgett said...

Okay...we both have sons with the name Parker.

But did you know Olivia is also Autumn's middle name? LOL

Her party looks pretty darn amazing. Happy belated 6th birthday to your 'not so baby' girl! (Autumn will be 6 next year...::sigh::).