Thursday, January 28, 2010

And now, our guest blogger - YaYa :)

This was the story I wrote for the Expo at my school. I hand wrote it in a hardcover book and drew pictures on each page and on the cover. I got an A (98%) and my teacher wrote:

"[YaYa] Your book is very neat. I can tell you worked hard on this and cared about your story. Maybe you'll be a famous writer someday!! :)"

* * *

"Ivana and the Blizzard"

About the Author: [ ] was born on ---. She loves animals and reading. Her Dad always tells her how you can be safe in an emergency. That is why I wrote this story.

* * *

"Are we there yet?" Ivana said.

"Almost!" her Mom said. Ivana, her little sister Eve, and their Mom were going to their Uncle Rob's house for a Christmas party.

"It is going to snow hard" Eve said.

"It sure is," Ivana said.

Then suddenly there was a big thump and the car stoppped. "Is everyone OK?" Ivana's Mother said. "Yeah" Eve and Ivana said together. "I bettter get out" Ivana's Mom said, getting out.

"Nothing is wrong with the tires," said Ivana's Mother, "Maybe the alternator is dead!".

"Better call Uncle Rob," Ivana said.

"Great. My cellphone is dead!" her Mom said.

"Are we going to miss the Christmas party?" Ivana said, looking up from her book.

"We will wait awhile and see if anyone comes" Ivana's Mom said.

Hours went by. "Mom I don't think anyone will come" Eve said. Just then, a car came down the street. "Sir!" Ivana's Mom called, but the car did not stop.

"Let's go in the car," Ivana said. "Maybe someone will come."

"Well for now, why not play a game," Ivana's Mom said. "Like In Gramma's Attic."

"OK, I'll start," Ivana said.

A long time passed. "This game is getting boring," Eve said. "It's so cold in here," said Ivana. After awhile, their Mom said, "Now we're out of gas." "It will get very cold fast," said their Mom. "Maybe if we walk for awhile there will be someone."

They started walking. It was very cold. Their teeth chattered. Then a house came into shape. "Maybe that's Uncle Rob!" Ivana said. "No," Ivana's Mom said. "I dont' think we're close to where he lives, but we can ask the person there for help."

When they were on the porch Eve went to ring the doorbell. A man answered. "Hello," he said. "Hi Eve, Ivana and Kate."

"Uncle Rob!" all of them shouted.

"Come join the party," Uncle Rob said. "Hi Ivana," their cousin Macy said.

The girls told their Uncle Rob all about what happened. "But why didn't you just walk here earlier?" he said.

"I thought you lived on Arthur Ave, not Elm" Ivana's Mom said.

"I do, this is Arthur Ave, you must have made a wrong turn!"

They all laughed. "Merry Christmas!" Ivana said.


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Joann said...

What a happy ending to a scary story.... I kept thinking "How are they going to get out of the snow?"

Great Story!!

Bridgett said...

Wow...thank goodness mom had no sense of direction. LOL

She writes VERY well.