Monday, January 25, 2010

My January (continued) . . .

January 23rd: FYI: a short bio of me (under 100 words) should be appearing in Sunday's Crossroads section of the Journal-Sentinel. Feel free to add it to your Danny scrapbooks. I'll even autograph it if you send me a SASE and $1.99 for processing and handling (no COD's).

Grant Desme was a 2nd round draft pick in 2007, won MVP honors in the minors, and was a 30/30 player (30 homers/30 steals) in 2009. Now, he's decided to quit baseball and enter a Catholic seminary. Good for him. I wouldn't do it, but good for him for doing what he feels is right.

Ok, I was sent this link and assumed it would be tasteless, but it's actually pretty damn ROFLMAO. For the record, it DOES NOT equate Hitler with our President (in fact Bush and Obama are both insulted by Hitler - by name), and is part of a string of videos that use this clip to express outrage at events. Watch and LOL, if you have a sense of humor. [Hitler finds out Brown won in Mass]

This one (Hitler finds out there is no Santa Claus) is truly funny! "Bull-hit! You are allergic to chocolate!"

January 24th: I'm sitting here listening to Lisa play Uno with the girls . . giggles and singing galore. A great moment.

@2am last night I sat on my front porch listening to the corner house across the street. Wickedly loud, but it's hard to get angry at a party that's blasting the Eurythmics and Culture Club. I was on my porch because Lisa, returning from a visit up north to her friend Jolene, called to say she needed help getting the sleeping girls into the house.

Sure, I'm with Coco [Conan], but the best, funniest talk show host out there: Graham Norton. Laugh-out-loud, pee your pants hilarious.

Congrats to Indy and the best QB of this (or any??) era on their victory over the Jets. Now, it's time to root on the Saints.

YaYa is seven boxes shy of her Girl Scout cookie goal. If anyone is interested in closing that gap, let me know. Her goal is 150 boxes @ $3.50 a pop. We've gone door to door twice, including that day.

RE: NFC Championship Game Tied at halftime, thanks to Brett's lousy handoff - and just as they were about to step on NO's throat too. ('tho I think it was more Peterson's fault myself). 2nd half should be good.

Again w/ the prepared script. Brett does something stupid on the field and IMMEDIATELY he's in pain, wincing and carrying on. But hark! Moments later, after the TV crew has time to laud his [fighting back from] injury and gloss over the INT, he's fine. Imagine that. Douche.

Hey Joe Buck - get over your man crush on the Vikings and pretend to be objective, Mkay? I cannot believe Troy Aikman is the voice of reason in that booth. My word.

Booyah! Once again Brett chokes in the post-season and goes home empty handed. My phone is ringing with friends calling to bask in the gloat - - and I've already called my traitorous sister to rub it in! Whoo-hoo! Enjoy your one and ONLY ring!

From a FB friend: "Last two NFC Championship games Favre played in, his last pass was an was bitter the first time, it's sweet the second time." Amen!

* * *

A few random, non-Facebook notes: Smiley's favorite phrase: "Diarrehea!"

We are pleased to announce that Ginger is potty-trained, meaning we're out of diapers until the grandkids! She's really got the knack, and wears panties throughout the day (we put a diaper on overnight). Congrats little girl!

We had to take Smiley in for an evaluation with the principal of the school he'll attend next year. Never mind that he has two sisters there or that they never ask for a meeting - she'd heard rumors of Smiley's speech and development and was craving a "No!". He was so jittery in the office he wouldn't make eye contact with her, which seemed to support her beliefs, but we put the kibosh on any plans to reject him. Screw that - he was just scared. We then toured his future classroom where he fit right in and joined the kids at the table and did an art project. He'll do fine!


Bridgett said...

Gotta love schools who try to boot kids. So lovely.

I think I've read most of those FB entries already. ;)

And congrats to Ginger...that's awesome!

Believe me, I wish I could order some of those girl scout cookies...LOVE THEM!

jeanne said...

I feel sorry for Smiley, to have to face the principal and all...That just isn't right. So how will the principal treat him next year after she had to change her mind...

Good job Ginger.