Monday, January 25, 2010

What have I been up to - well, let's take a look shall we?

This past Sunday the local paper included a short bio of me as I began a second term as a community columnist. Since it described me as a 'prolific blogger since 2004', I'm a bit embarrassed to see that it's been three weeks since my last post.

Let's see, what's happening in my world . . I'm still poor, there's that . . . I had some (very) minor outpatient surgery just before New Years, so minor only a handful of people were aware of it, and all would have been fine if the stitches hadn't made a habit of re-opening in the weeks since . . .and I've facebook'ed a lot. I don't prefere the site over a blog, per se, but I do enjoy the "get in, get out" nature of the beast.

Anyhow, for the time being let's get you up to speed with a summary of my Facebook updates.

* * * * *
New Years Day: Listening to the Glee soundtrack on the computer, with Joe Mac's new album playing in the dining room, while Dance Your Ass off is on the TV and the Twilight Zone and Doctor Who marathons are recording on the DVR . . how I ever got laid, much less married, escapes belief.

Our turtle tank was just shattered, sending water across the floor. Franklin is OK, but I guess I'll have to spend my morning looking for a cheap tank to replace his home

[on the firing of Texas Tech coach Mike Leach] The link includes a blunt interview with Mike Leach, where he tells it like it is about the James' family. Here's hoping Texas Tech has deep pockets, because Leach is going to take them to the cleaners.

January 2nd: I'm proud that my two oldest are sad (and a bit concerned) that David Tenant's time as the Doctor is coming to an end tonight.They know far more about the show and its characters than I ever could have guessed, even ID'ing an episode after seeing one scene. Nice to know I've done something right.

The Ginger's Godfather, who we haven't seen in over a year, just called to say he's on his way over to drop off a gift for her. Yikes - and us, with a turtle in the bathtub and Chinese takeout half-eaten in the living room. [He brought over a wonderful gift - an annual family pass for the zoo, including parking!]

Worked until midnight, came home and watched the very well done Tennant finale and the premiere of Demons (yawn), then had to crawl into Smiley's bed for 5 hours of sleep because my two youngest girls were sprawled next to Lisa in our bed- and rule #1 is, and always will be, never wake a sleeping baby/toddler. Ever.

* * * *


Me (to the kids, quoting one of David Tenant's favorite phrases): "C'mon, hurry up. Allon-zee! [sic]"

Lisa: "Don't you mean 'Geronimo?"

This was a good-natured barb, using the new Doctor's catch-phrase to ram home the point David Tennant was gone.

* * * *
January 4th: The Journal editor just called my cell while I was grocery shopping and asked me to stay on for another year, through the first part of 2011! Hot dog!

After school I took my two oldest girls to help organize my Godson's nursery, as he's due to arrive home in less than a day. My girls were poite, helpful, eager to work, and kept their cool. I was very proud of them both!

QUOTE: "To days to come, and all my love to long ago"

January 5th: Not the greatest afternoon. The girls were pissy that a kibosh was put on their chance to see the newborn and it went straight downhill from there, plus Smiley was in a mood. Still, we sat down to french toast for dinner and Family Game night continued (3rd week in a row now) but it was stressful, very stressful.

BTW, for anyone unsuccesfuly calling our house: no, the home phone isn't disconnected. The fourth-born dumped a whole jar of pickle juice on the telephone base/answering machine, ruining it. It's replacement will have to wait until payday, if then.

And a royal %&* to the White House. The ABC Special Report on the photo op, er, 'security meeting' today wiped out the last third of a great Dr. Phil epidsode. What nerve! Any chance I'd ever vote for that guy is now sooooooo gone. ;)

January 6th: Tonight, in the course of half an hour we moved YaYa and the Ginger into new rooms; very half-ass results but whataya gonna do in 30 minutes? YaYa and Lu are now roomies, while Ginger's on her own in YaYa's old room. I objected to it because it feels like rewarding Ginger for making nights hell, but she's actually the new digs as a punishment - screaming her head off as we speak.It's actually gone well since then, with all parties adjusting quickly.

January 7th: "The Ginger" - woke up today proud of "my 'oom". Good. Maybe she won't cry and scream until 10:30 like she did last night. Like all my kids she's used to sleeping in a dark room, but the new surroundings scared her.

Saw two movies last night, "Hangover" which I loved, and "Paranormal Activity". For the latter, what Lisa said: it's not half as scary as a day with our kids. Yawn. Aside from the Danny-girl lead, there was no reason to watch - and she not only remained clothed, she wore a bra to bed each night :( A waste of a rental.

January 8th: Still stuck @ home, w/ 14-15 inch snow drifts up and down the alley. We're mid block, and it'll take a while to dig out. Mucho thanks to Anne U. for picking up my girls and getting them to school today!

January 10th, the day the Packers lost in OT in the playoffs: That was a great 2nd half to watch, even if it was interrupted by Smiley throwing up Hot Fries for about two minutes (wicked to watch - A+ for effort little dude!) and the Ginger peeing on her Elmo couch. I no longer care who wins it all, so long as Hillbilly is sent packing next week. Oh, and memo to my sister - howsabout not giving a four year old an entire package of hot fries before sending him home to his pa :)

January 11th: In this article Mark McGwire admits steroid use, to which I say . . . Yawn. Not only is it old news, I'm damn sick of folks blasting MLB for steroids while conveniently giving the NFL a pass

Later, Goose Gossage called for steroid users to be banned from the Hall of Fame:
This, from the yahoo who thought it was a good idea *not* to walk Gibson in '84. If you want all the 'cheaters' out of Cooperstown, start w/ Gaylord Perry and Don Sutton for mucking w/ the ball. And make sure to stay off my lawn, you young wippersnappers!

Later, Ferguson Jenkins got in the act: Take your own advice. Seeing as you pitched high on coke, speed, weed, etc. go and apologize to all the hitters you 'wronged'. Better yet, how about you just STFU.

January 13th
: Thank God American Idol is back, or I'd be stuck with only a 100 hours of DVR'd TV per week . . I joined the Facebook page of Andrew Fenlon, the guy who pissed off Kara, btw. Nice to see Posh Spice, aka longtime member of my List of Five, is a nice human being. To which my wife's cousin Delaura responded: REALLY? Your list of 5? Would you feed her first?

As our culture and our nation continues its slide into full Suckassyness, one bastion of our grand past still stands tall: The Match Game. Where have you gone Gene Rayburn, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you (woo woo woo). To which my wife's cousin Brian responded: you know...i thought I was a dork. I'm passing the torch my friend...passing the torch!

January 14th: Vanessa Wolfe's time on American Idol was enough to break your heart. She's very attractive, talented, and down to earth, but was so beaten down and low on confidence I could barely watch. That line about not wanting the judges to 'look down on her' was gut wrenching. I hope she's not eaten alive in Hollywood. I'll be rooting for her.

January 15th: Wednesday Lu called from school saying her stomach felt 'mushy', and w/in a day all the kids were down w/ it. It seems to be a quick 24-48 bug (3 are over it) but YaYa just puked all over my newly cleaned dining room floor. Dangnabbit.

True, the top two designs were great, and the group seems much more talented than the horrific LA season. Still, I wasn't very inspired by the season premier of Project Runway, even if it does feature a Milwaukee native. Has it jumped the shark, or was I just in the wrong Mood (nudge-nudge) when watching the episode?

January 16th: Happy Birthday to my stepfather-in-law Jaspare, who turned 72 today, and Lisa's friend Chris. Also - congrats to the Colts, and a thank you to the Saints for knocking off the Cards. It was a crappy day and included being called off of work and losing a day's pay. But at least I got to attend Jaspare's very nice birthday party at Paulo's pizza!

January 17th: Not much time this morning, but I needed to make my position clear: for the first (and hopefully the last time) in my life, I'm going to be rooting for a Cowboys win. And, if in the process, Hillbilly winds up with a wee bit of an owie, I'm cool w/ that too. I'm just sayin' The Cowboys got creamed.

A nice day so far. My cousin Mary and her husband stopped by to see the house and visit over lunch, then @ 4 we had bunk beds delivered and set up for the girls (yay Craigslist!). Sure the Dark Side won the NFC game today, and the Chargers are down 10-7 right now, but I'm sure we can end the day as nice as it started . . . The Chargers lost.

January 18th: I posted a very cocky status update on how I refused to come to YaYa's aid w/ her missing book report. It turns out I was wrong. She did it, Lisa took it to proofread, and the Ginger used it as an art project. So . . .yeah. I threw my kid to the wolves.

January 19th: Worst. Headache. Ever.

I took my two oldest to the dentist this morning. LuLu was very dramatic &the dentist asked me to leave the room so he could scold her w/out a 300# man glaring at him. YaYa, vet of many stiches, bore her cavities with stoic defiance. & good news: the 2 teeth loosened in a stumble at her Godfather's house are due out an...yhow. I'd been worried they were adult teeth.

Call me dumb here, but when Mountain Dew 'Throwback' heavily advertises "Made with Real Sugar!" . . WTH is the stuff in the 'normal' can?

Not a great night post-dinner, as Family Night gave way to tons of homework (although Lis taught Lu Uno). We've got plans to watch American Idol on the DVR, Pandorum on DVD, and hopefully cheer a Brown win in Mass., but I'm not holding my breath for any of it.

Whoo-hoo! Multiple sources are now calling the Massachusetts race in favor of Scott Brown! Ted Kennedy's old seat now belongs to a Republican!

January 20th, news of Robert B Parker's death breaks:
The Times has a much better obit for RBP than the Globe. "Robert Brown Parker was a large man of large appetites that were nonetheless satisfied with relative ease. He was as unpretentious and self-aware as Spenser. All he needed to be happy was his family and writing,” she said. RIP

Wife Swap would be a better show if they actually 'swapped' wives. Just an observation.

So it's official, Leno will resume The Tonight Show in March. Yawn. Make no mistake, he'll still have a sizeable audience, even after being (re)outed as a douche. It'll be an ancient, gray haired audience that is the bane of advertisers, but they'll still tune in. (I'm a Conan O'Brian fan and am proud to say I saw both the first and last Conan Tonight Show episodes)

Anyone from St. Adalbert's remember Gilly? Until a few mintutes ago I hadn't thought of him in (easily) 20 years. Apparently, they did. I got quite a response from my grade school classmates. Gilly was a toothless old man in a knit cap who served Mass and did odd jobs around our school. He spoke in pure gibberish and was unintelligible at the best of times. He passed away sometime around the end of my years there (1988)



Bridgett said...

You know, it's actually sort of brilliant to use your FB updates as an entry. It really encompasses everything that's been going on. Good thinking!

Sybil said...

Well it is a long time since you kept up with this ludite who is not into facebook LOL but you have made up for it and I have enjoyed reading all the ups and downs of the month...especially pleased to read about the job safety..
Love to ALL