Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Facebook Feb 18h

Feb 18th: American Idol: I think the male 12 was ok, but the choice of the female dozen was nuts. They cut Shelby Dressel and kept the mediocre blonde, which was bad enough, but then they axed Angela Martin. WTH? I had her pegged as a favorite to win. I can only assume her odd & continual personal troubles (Dad killed 1st yr, 6 days in ...jail yr 2, now her Mom's missing) knocked her out of the running. My early fave to win: Casey James.

* Lost: Excellent episode, u can really feel the season picking up steam. So in alt. timeline Locke is happy; he has his woman, comes to grips w/ his paralysis, and is fufilled @ wrk - all by abandoning faith, making him a true opp. of his 'old' self. Will Jack be equally fufilled by *embracing* faith in that timeline? Yin/Yang, etc?

- & no, I don't think PsedoLocke is 'good' and Jacob 'bad'. Aside from all the direct murders (Echo, the pilot) & a dozen other pts of fact, my gut says he's a trickster - a Loki (a conscious play on Locke/Loki?). Note also he tossed away the white rock, leaving the dark one victorious on the scale.

- Who's the child? Jacob. Hmm. Nah. I vote for a superior, judicial being keeping PsuedoLocke and Jacob in line and now sallying forth to rectify matters now that everything got sh** up. Odin to Thor and Loki? God to Jesus and Satan (if you mash up Christian theology)?

- Note Kate's name wasn't on the 'list'. Deep meanng? Who cares. I vote its because she's a boring, predicatable, and amoral twit. I do wonder if Sawyer saw the child becasue he is the one, the protector, or if that would hold true for anyone on the list.

* Universal Preps Cobain Bio Pic Dislike. Dislike. Dislike. Cross was Love's tool, and I don't buy some of his 'revelations'. Plus Courtney is [bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep] and should have nothing to do with anything of Kurt. She did enough damage while he was breathing. She's a dirty, useless piece of sh**t and I despise her.

* Johnny Weir 'Loves Wearing Dead Animals,' Calls Animal Rights Activists 'Crazy Fur People' The 'activists' were using him for cheap publicity, expecting your standard "Bend over and blindly apologize as the gods of PC demand". Essentially, he told them to go F themselves. Good for him.

* The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is posting FB messages in Arabic. Odd, and a wee disturbing, to see my 'wall' decorated by 3 posts in Arabic, w/ no English translation on hand.

* NKOTB is featured on AOL's home page this morning. The article includes some pretty good 'candid' pics.

* re: Sade's new album and single: 'Soldier of Love is a very good song and I like it a lot. I also liked Donnie Osmond's song of the same name, and bought a cassette single of it in the '80's. That's irrelevant - but I figured, so is everything else I post here, so why not include it?

* Went right from work to YaYa's parent-teacher conference. It went much better than I feared, w/ her teacher heaping praise and compliments on her. Still, she rightly pointed out that YaYa, if we can speak plainly here, rarely gives more than a half-ass effort in math and anything she finds 'boring'. Time to break her of that before it gets too ingrained (sp?) in her personality.

* Aside from breaking my son's foot the day went well. I have pics from the wrestling practice, so hopefully a blog post will follow. The coach went gaga for LuLu; his eyes just sparkled. He said she was a natural, that her body instinctively reacted w/ the right moves as if trained; that right NOW she would do well in a... tourney and be near the top of the food chain in her age bracket. Wow. My LuLu, a wrestler?

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Bridgett said...

Hmmm...Casey James? Really?
That surprises me, actually.

I liked Lilly. I still can't believe she was cut.