Monday, March 15, 2010

Facebook Feb 19th - 21st

Feb 19th: The man who allegedly accosted Mitt Romney on the plane was Berry Gordy's nephew, a rapper from LMFAO. He claims Mitt started it. Hmmm. I wonder which one to believe.

* re: Tiger Woods' apology: From Tim Cuprisin: Best line tweeted by Channel 6's Ted Perry "Did Tiger just say he's studying "Bootyism"? I thought he was teaching it."

* It'll be 4 years since I quit smoking and Newport still sends me coupons. If you smoke Newports, and would like $1 off/pack on the delicious, relaxing yumminess that is a menthol cigarette enjoyed with a cup of coffee in the dead of winter then [slap!]. Whoa. Maybe that's y they still send them, to tempt you. Anyhow, ur welcome to the coupons.

* Excuses for Obama's Failure to Lead The Dems should've ran Hilary. November '08 might have been iffy-er (but manageable) but at least after a win they'd have had someone who was good at something other than campaigning.

* National Enquirer in the running for Pulitzer I'm fine with this, btw. If they did the work, and got the scoop, then why not acknowledge it? Because of 'standards'? Puleeze. Need we bring up the recent Nobel Prize?

Feb 20th: Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig dies at 85

* Germany plans to allow the sale of Mein Kampf w/in their country: From an American POV it seems barbaric for the state to ban the publication of any book, especially one of historical significance, nor does it seem right to ensure the sale of used copies is 'tightly regulated'. This isn't a textbook on bomb making, its a whacked out political tract/autobiography. If the people of Germany are so prone to hate that a bk can bring back the Reich, then all is lost.

- It's been 70 years, first of all. & I think the idea that Germany was somehow brainwashed by Hitler was a fiction that conveniently (and correctly) allowed Germany to resume life at a time when it was a battleground for the cold war. No knock on Germany - my kids are half German - but go as far back as 1000 years and you'll find a history of Jewish persecution unique to that region. Mix that in w/ all the bitterness of the Great War and anyone, or any philosophy, could have ignited a fire.

* re: a nut who ran his plane into a building to protest the IRS: This is the headline on the article "Attack on IRS part of long line of tax protesters". Yeah, uh, NO. Tax protesters generally don't follow Bin Laden's advice and fly planes into buildings. He was a f*ing nut.

* Milwaukee Forge likely to be sold This is a Bay View landmark. My Mom remembers falling asleep to the rhythm of the drop forge as a child, and you can still hear - scratch that, feel - it running today.

* I'm looking for marbles to replace missing pieces from Smiley's Hungry Hungry Hippo game. None of Milwaukee's grand and varied Dollar stores carries marbles, or at least had them in stock. Any (really cheap) ideas on where I can find some? I don't want to spend $6 to restock a $9 game that's already well worn.

Feb 21st: Safe in the comfort that it is now 1:24 AM, and that this will be buried down the feed by the time any youngin's return to FB in the morning. I present a great memory from my college days (early '90's) I still can't believe they played this, unedited, on AM radio here in Milwaukee. God bless the WARP.

I suppose 102.1 is as close as you'd get to the WARP today, but it lacks the panache. That gorgeous tinny AM sound, the lack of any DJ's, the canned, monotone introduction to each song. It was grand.

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Bridgett said...

From what I can tell, the National Enquirer OFTEN gets the scoop over other mags. I don't want to think about their methods...but nevertheless, I think it has it's fair share of legit journaling.