Monday, March 22, 2010

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Feb 24th: This weeks episode told u everything you need to know about Lost: It's all about Jack. Past, present(s), and future - the island, and the show, is all about Jack Shephard.

- That said, it's theory time! The web seems to be populated with dinkleberries who haven't thought anything through. I disagree w/ almost all published theories about last nights episode.

For starters, the appendectomy scar that Jack doesn't remember seems (to me) to be proof that this ISN'T a flash-sideways. Jack is Jack, and somewhere down the ... See Moreroad he is succeeds in ?? and resumes a normal life, as do the rest of Flight
815. We are watching what could/will be the present of 2004 IF Jack triumphs.

- to clarify: while life has 'reset' in the new 204, the characters are unaware of their time on the island.

Life is better w/out the island. Locke has found peace, Hurley is lucky, and Jack has overcome the damage wrought by his father and forged a bond with his once estranged son. (That scene outside the conservatory brought tears to my eyes, btw... See More.)

So life sans island is a reward, a not-perfect world where the characters are willing and able to struggle past and overcome the issues that torment them.

- I now believe more than ever that Jacob is good and neoLocke evil. Newest evidence: Claire going nutso and axing a man to death under the tutelage and lies of NeoLocke.

- Note that Jacob, even tho' he appears to have been 'defeated', seems to know what will happen before it does.

He knows, for instance, that NeoLocke will shortly gain access to the temple before the possiblity even arises, and moves Jack and Hurley clear of danger.

He is the Destiny aspect of the show, whereas neoLocke must force and lie and manipulate hsi way to uncertain and mixed results. ... See More

That Jacob favors and sees tied to Jack is curious. Iit was always Locke that believed in destiny and Jack that was for choice and free will, and yet both men have been clearly used in the service of the opposing philosophy.

* Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, secretly converted to Christianity in 1996 and soon began a decade of feeding Hamas info to Israel, aborting many suicide bombings in the process - some by physically intervening. "So many people owe him their life and don't even know it," [an Israeli official] said.

* Yikes: SeaWorld trainer killed by killer whale

* Prequel to 'The Passion of the Christ' close to production!

* ‘Idol’ Winners: Not Just Fame but Big Bucks

* Lousy kids r arguing @ the table over whether or not YaYa is actually swallowing her grilled cheese or just 'faking', & about who can upchuck into their mouth w/out spitting it out. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Here's what non-breeders and the 'bred because it was expected' fail to comprehend: you can hate 17.5% of any given day with all ur heart & still not regret any of it. It'd be like hating pizza forever because 1 slice of one pie was crap.

- To clarify 'bred because it was expected' - I know a few people (no one reading this) who had kids for no apparent reason other than it was the step between 'marriage' and 'retirement'. Then they whine about the gig. No one begged ya to reproduce, as I recall. Quit yer belly-aching. ;)

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