Thursday, March 4, 2010

Facebooking my life Feb 13th - 14th

Feb 13th: Selena Roberts is a hack who wrote an A-Rod bio that had to be pulled from the shelves in bulk when it tanked. Here she does a hatchet job on the IOC, trying to sell us the idea a) they murdered the luger b) pushing the envelope is bad and c) all sports should be played as if your Grandma was suiting up. SI - can her already.

On a serious note, this quote from [Roberts']lead-in: "The International Olympic Committee's need to push the envelope is sewn into its motto Citius, Altius, Fortius - or swifter, higher, stronger - as if to be swift enough, fast enough or strong enough were a weakness" is an arguement for mediocrity and stagnation. It is not the Olympic spirit - it is not the human spirit - and I find it vile that someone that believes such a tepid idea is paid to comment on sports.

* Former White Sox slugger Frank Thomas officially retires: When I went to Brewers games as a kid, Thomas was the only hitter who inspired genuine anxiety in me every time he came to the plate. I always thought he'd ice the game for the Sox.

* The Ginger is running around saying "Oh my Got" this morning & ignoring our efforts to switch to "Oh my gosh". I don't understand where she gets it. I'll swear like a drunk trucker, but I almost never use the Lord's name, even for that kinda stuff. Which isn't to say I'd be ok with her saying "you m.fer" - at least un...til she's four. Three at the earliest ;)

* To anyone hearing rumors that Facebook will be charging $ starting this summer: it has been labeled as FALSE by, and in fact the site is warning that some of the 'protest' groups here on FB are fronts to push hidden, malicious code. If and when FB decides to charge, I'm sure we'll hear about it from mainstream sources.

* [Frederick C] Weyand was a good battlefield commander with a knack for correctly analyzing intelligence data. He was responsible for US forces moving closer to Saigon prior to Tet, enabling the U.S. to hit back @ the VC hard - & possibly saving the captial. He also yapped too much to reporters, but that's another story. RIP.

* Damn (refering to Dana Patrick crashing in her Nationwide debut)

* It looks like I'll need a new water pump for the Escort. Anyone have an idea about how much it'll cost? It's one of the few items I haven't had work on over the years.

Valentines Day: Damnit. Dick Francis was one of my favorite mystery authors. All the good ones are passing away this year. RIP.

* How Catholic Are You? Quiz
Result: Ready for Catechist
Wow! You're knowledge of the church is impressive! You should consider teaching CCD!

* I've liked this catchy little diddy since I first heard it on WARP AM back in college. [Cannonball by the Breeders]

* What'd I get my wife for Valentines Day? 8 hrs home alone w/ four kids while I worked. But on the way home I did pick up 2 'Heart' pizzas from Papa Murphy's for dinner. Were they good? We wouldn't know. Our oven tanked so we couldn't bake them. And then Gionger wizzed all over the dining room and the bathroom. Good times, good times.

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Bridgett said...

Yea, I didn't let Parker curse until he turned 7. It just didn't seem appropriate prior to that age. ;)

BTW, your Valentine's Day sounds...not-so-lovely. LOL