Thursday, March 25, 2010

Words of Praise

I received this email from the Journal-Sentinel editor, and while it may seem like bragging, I feel the need to record the letter for posterity. The kind words made my day.

Dan, here’s a letter we received regarding your recession column. It was handwritten, but I’m typing it into this email so you can read it. It’s a nice one:

To whom it may concern:

This is just a brief note to thank both the Journal and Mr. Daniel Slap for his inspirational and upbeat letter which he wrote. Mr. Slap, a homeowner, husband and parent of four children, has been unemployed for nearly a year. Instead of the prevalent “poor me” rhetoric, he has retained his perspective, sense of humor and obviously a great faith.

He and his lovely wife of 14 years are a true inspiration to me. I have shared his letter with both family and friends.

I, too, have my issues: senior citizen, handicapped with a number of expensive medical issues. When I reread his courageous letter, I know that with people like him, he will ensure things will work out for all of us.

Thank you, Mr. Slap !


Margaret - -

* * * * *

I also received this email, around the time of publication:

Dear Daniel,

Read your item in yesterday's MJS.

Content good. Relevance excellent.

But the prose--impeccable.

Quit looking for a job, start writing
a novel.

Stranger things have happened.


Thomas P. R-

P:S: I am a published writer, so I know good
prose when I see it. Your line: "...bills began to
be paid in triage fashion..." is a winner!
Fond du Lac, WI


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Awesome feedback. There is nothing better than touching the lives of others in a postive way.

The Lam said...

Hey Dan, good stuff, it's not bragging at all!

Sybil said...

It is so wonderful when you get feedback Dan, especially good ones like these. As ken says there is nothing better than touching the lives of others in a positive way..
Good on you.
Love sybil x

alphawoman said...

Wow. I'd be proud too if I were you. I have been reading sporadically (I can not spell, we all know that) so I did not realize you still are not employed full time. So sorry. I am working too jobs at the moment and still struggling to make ends meet. I brought it all on myself by farting around after moving from Ft. Wayne to Louisville and running through all our savings before finding something. It will all come together for you. Obviously peoplea re taking note of you....

alphawoman said...

See how I can not spell (I am not smarter than a 5th I meant I'm working tow jobs Two, not TOO. Geez.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan-
Congratulations for your letter you recieved about the piece in the Milwaukee Journal. I am very proud of you. Keep up the good work. I love you !!:)
Love, Mom
p.s. say hi to the grandkids :)