Friday, May 14, 2010

Facebook March 1st - 4th

March 1st:

This is a hearbreaking story. I hope, in between tragedies, she had a good life.
Deaths make 4 generations of homicides, heartbreak

* The author of 'Gertie the Duck', Milwaukee native Nick Geoprgiady, has passed away. RIP.

* I pointed this out on their FB page & was labeled a troll, but it's the truth: the Milwaukee Public Library FB's nothing more than 'inpirational' quotes & links to Wikipedia entries - Dinah Shore (!) today. Isn't posting a daily Wikipedia entry just admitting "hey, we're irrelevant! Even we use the web to get our info!...". All those English majors and not one can write a FB status update?

* MPS, Ald. Willie Wade butt heads over hat-removal policy Aside from city official using the "Don't you know who I am?!" bit to try & get out of a jam, causing a ruckus at a high school, being escorted out by cops, etc there's this: it's rude to wear a hat indoors. It just is. Why don't you hold your fork like a shovel and chew with your mouth open while you're at it?

March 2nd:

Postal Service Seeks Permission to End Saturday Delivery

* Interesting. "The change is negligible, but permanent: Each day should be 1.26 microseconds shorter, according to preliminary calculations." Chile quake may have tipped Earth's axis

* [RE replacing Simon on AI next year] A dark horse will probably be the winner to take his seat, but I do think Neil Patrick Harris would be great in the role. But you know, I'm not sure Ellen should stay tho', as she often seems . . . overwhelmed on the live shows. Time will tell.

* Widely irrelevant, outside of a vague water/space connection: In retrospect, I think the Dr. Who episode "The Waters of Mars" was very derivative of the episode "42", save with water in place of sun.
Tons and Tons of Ice Found on the Moon

* Long day already. Came home from wrk last night and had to fix something in the basement: Result: 3.5 hrs of sleep. Followed by an argument w/ YaYa on the way to school, Mass, grocery store, home to cranky Ginger, now waiting on an appt. Full afternoon/evening planned, followed (~ 10) with hitting the DVR and AI, Lost, Dirty Jobs, 19 Kids, etc. Tuesday's. Yikes.

* I replaced the coffee pot Ginger shattered. The problem is I didn't measure it & its too tall for my coffee maker. You can fit it in, but you 1st have to remove the filter/coffee part, then lift the lid of the pot and slide both in @ the same time, giving it a little jiggle-wiggle there @ the end. You also have to keep... the lid up the whole time its brewing. In short, it's a ridiculous jerry-rigged contraption.

* Smiley just Shake 'n Bake'd the chicken I'm prepping for dinner. He was dancing around the kitchen shaking the bag like maracas. Did a pretty good job of it too.

* Not too sound all girly, but when a man makes his family a dinner and says be home at 5:30, it'll be on the table then, the clock should *not* read 5:49 w/out so much as a phone call. I [pretend to] slave all day, and for what? I feel like putting down my frilly apron and going home to Mother. ;)

* The women will *not* perform as expected today on AI, due to an unspecified illness by Crystal Bowersox. The men will sing instead. Bumping up the boys a day might just sink a few of them.

March 3rd:

Happy Birthday to my sister Katie!

* AI (men): much better than last week, & Ellen finally looked comfortable. Kara: please stop the neck motion and get out of Simon's shot. Ugh. On the hot seat: John Park, Jermaine, and Todrick, *maybe* Garcia (can't ride the 'Straight Up' train 4ever). Casey will stay, but vocals were weak. Alex was much improved.

* I finished "Shutter Island" today. I was right - I'd guessed the ending after only a few chapters. It was still a good bk, but w/ all due respect to those who rave about 'the twist', I don't think you had to be Hank Aaron to see that particular curveball coming.

* Yeah, one of the worst afternoons with the kids in months. Ginger is screaming at me and pulling at my arm right now, Smiley is banished to his room after a crybaby fit that lasted the length of a city block, LuLu is arrogant and short-tempered, YaYa is just plain lazy and jerky - and they've destroyed my house. Good times, good f*ing times.

* This is my niece and nephew 'round about 2001 or so, pre-Grace or just after. Lisa and I took them to a rec class at South Division to learn how to rollerskate. Lisa did Caitlin's hair that morning.

* Things have improved and everyone is smiling. The reason? It's pretty disgusting. YaYa ran into the house screaming "I have to poop!", then a moment later bragged about her handiwork and is *still* trying to convince people to go check it out. Hard to be angry at people when they show such pride in their work.

* The brother of an undecided House Dem has been named to the Appeals Court. Maybe it's coincidental, but it looks like biz as usual, esp. since House Dem Joe Sestak claims that he was offered a federal job (allegedly Sec. of the Navy) not to run against Arlen Specter in Penn.

* [on an alleged photo of Jon Gosselin's penis] Tsk tsk. If you have a girlfriend who nicknames you 'stubby' because of your, ahem, shortcomings, make damn sure she erases any pics of said stubbyness before you break up. I always did. :)

March 4th:

* The kids accidentally erased this weeks Lost from the DVR, and in retrospect I'm almost grateful. Now that I'vewatched it on I thought it did little to move the plot and next to nothing to develop the characters. C-

* AI (women): an up & down night. I liked Bowersox but don't understand the mad love the judges have for her; no way she'll adapt to the weekly themes to come. Lily was good, on par or better than Bsox, but Shiobahn was spectacular. Plus she's a short -haired kooky brunette? Hell yeah. Adios to Haley, Lacey or Didi.

* The Gov.has signed a bill banning the growth & sale of Salvia, an herbal intoxicant. 1 - No one had heard of this until the media started salivating over it (pun intended). I heard a radio show where a caller THANKED anchor Brad Hicks for his report, saying it inspired her to seek some out. 2. It's none of the gov'ts d...amn business. It's a herb, and one who's first side effect is listed as "uncontrollable laughter". A waste of gov't - and now police and DA's - time.

* When you're making a cake from scratch for the first time in your life, it's probably not a good idea to do it while you're watching a 2 and a 4 year old. My kitchen looks like Lucy Ricardo just filled in at a flour factory. It's an apple cake, btw. If it tastes OK I'll post the recipie on my blog.

* [on news Supervisor Toni Clark was admitting to a felony and leaving office] No snark intended, none whatsof*ingever, but when the hell did Milwaukee start to be Little Chicago? Enough with the crooked politics.

* Extra small condoms for boys as young as 12 are going on sale in Switzerland. According to the article, a quarter of German youth (age 13 to 20) said standard condoms were too large. For the record, I am not German. Joking aside, this program is yet another example of how Europe is morally bankrupt. Those who look to it as a modern 'city on a hill' are blind.

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