Monday, May 3, 2010

See what I put up with? - Quote of the Day

Lisa and I enjoy watching shows on Discovery ID like Dateline, 48 Hours - basically any of the well-done network true crime shows. The cable reruns also come with the added benefit of being old enough for a nice postscript to be tacked on, letting you know where the case stands.

This weekend, Lisa missed the first ten minutes of an episode and asked me to fill her in on the details.

"Well, it's about a murder in Anytown. There's this guy, he looks like me, you'll see when it comes back on, he's leaving a gym when he's stopped and shot - "

"Wait, wait," Lisa said, interrupting me. "You said he looked like you?"

"Yeah." I said.

"Let me get this straight," she said. "He looked like you and he was coming out of a gym?"

She was grinning and I smelled trouble.

"Why was he there?" she said, "To deliver the mail?"


Sybil said...

Oh dear dear...that was a telling remark LOL time to get the bike out I thinks ??
Love Sybil x

Anonymous said...

Good one, love it Lisa... :)

Grandma J