Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Quick Movie Reviews

I was surprised when Lisa suggested we rent Sherlock Holmes, as it didn't sound like her cup of tea at all: Victorian England, murder and mayhem, two handsome men, one of them a Doctor, running around shirtless and sweaty - wait a minute!

In the end she didn't care for it, because it turned out to be a somewhat generic action flick. A well acted movie, but an action flick all the same. I enjoyed it, but I didn't care for a Holmes that was more about blood and guts than brains. He's Sherlock Holmes. I expected a few more examples of his trademark skill before we were treated to the 'here's where I explain it all" monologue.

To me, the late Jeremy Brett remains the perfect screen Holmes.


* * * *

I rented this, as I said on Facebook, largely to pay homage to my late List of Five great, Brittany Murphy. It has very little in the way of plot, although I've seen far worse, and it's largely a bore. But she does look hot in her trademark crack-ish style. RIP.


* * * *

The Descent was a pretty good horror flick about a group of female spelunkers who meet their doom at the hands of cannibalistic mutants inhabiting an Appalachian cave. I know - it's better than it sounds, trust me.

Part 2 is, as you can guess, all but a rerun of the first installment. Assemble diverse rescue party, put them in the identical situation, watch them die one by one. There is a decent development 3/4ths of the way through, and there are some wicked scenes, but that makes it worth a rental price and nothing more. You're much better off with the first movie. P.S. what's with the dude at the end?


* * * *

I may have talked about Triangle before, but if I did, so what? It was dang good.

I rented this solely based on a review on The Billiionty-oneth Geek blog. It concerns a young, single mother of an autistic child who takes an acquaintance up on his offer to go sailing one fine afternoon. Soon a strange storm swamps the boat, and the group is 'rescued' by a passing - and abandoned - cruise ship. And from there, things get crazy.

I can't think of a decent way to explain the plot without giving the crux of it away, but I found it enjoyable, and the twist at the end, while believable, came right out of left field.

Rent it and see for yourself.

A -


Bridgett said...

Sherlock Holmes isn't my cup of tea either. I doubt I watch it.

Think I'll add The Descent 2 and Triangle to my Netflix queue (how the hell do you spell that?).

The Brittany movie is a possibility. Do you think it's worth a Netflix slot?

Slapinions said...

Naw, I don't think so. But everyone's different.

The Lam said...

Just saw this now, thanks for the shout!