Tuesday, June 1, 2010

March 21st and 22nd as told on FB

March 21st:

There are a lot of bennies to being happily married, Lord knows. But - if I was single that David Tennant poster that came w/ last month's Doctor Who Magazine wouldn't just be left to rot in our junk drawer. That's all I'm sayin'.

* Lisa and I just watched the UFC's matchup of Vera vs. Jones. Not our normal viewing habits, but better to watch that shellacking than see our country destroyed at the hands of Obama/Pelosi. [Obamacare was in the midst of a Congressional vote that night]

* [10:10 PM, after the bill passed] Historians will mark this date as the beginning of the end. It may take 50 years, or 100, but it is now a certainty: America will be a shell of what it was/what it could have been. An obese, ever expanding Federal government; the rationing of our resources; the supression of the constiuency's demands. This solution will be the mother of a thousand more problems. Well wishes and happy thoughts do not equal concrete, workable legislation. We will rue this day. What a waste. What a pitiful waste.

* Sure, Time Warner denies me the Military History channel (which suits my wants and needs) but, to be fair, they do allow me to gaze upon MTV Europe and watch lovely videos like this one [MGMT "Kids"]. "Rationing" I think they call their system. Welllll. As long as the idea doesn't spread . . .

March 22nd:

I have several friends on the Left, many of whom are understandably giddy @ Sunday night's travesty. One of the funnier exchanges (well, the ONLY funny one) btwn us was the following. "Thank you Government!" read the status update. To which I replied : Is this the Jeopardy answer to "What are three words Dan will never say in his life?"

* Wife and kids are asleep, school clothes are in the dryer, house is a mess, got a aches where there shouldn't be aches, dreading the week to come. Gonna go put on the new Star Trek movie before bed and hope I can temp. break my FB addiction.

* [re: the new Star Trek movie] I thought it was a fine action movie nearly spoiled by the lame future-Spock storyline. I'm sure it made fandom yell "Whoo-hoo!" but to me it said the producers were unsure a ST movie could stand alone, apart from the series. I thought it would have been a better movie - not nec. a better ST movie, but a better *movie* - without that crud.

* Attorneys general in 11 states warned that lawsuits will be filed to stop the federal government overstepping its constitutional powers and usurping states' sovereignty

* [Tiger Woods apologizes for his extramarital affairs] ""I've done some pretty bad things in my life" Tiger said in the article, then followed up by saying (in Danny's mind) "But you know, what I do with my di** is an issue only to my wife and myself. It's none of your concern. *If* I owe an apology to anyone, I owe my apologies to her and no one else."

* QUOTE from an LA Times article, refering to the killing of an Al-Queda suspect: "Officials had debated trying to take him alive but decided against doing so in part because of uncertainty over where to hold him. . w/out a location outside the U.S. for sending prisoners, the administration must resort to turning the suspects over to foreign governments, bringing them to the U.S. or even killing them."

* The end of a Barney episode was just playing in the background - you know, the "I love you" song - and a chocolate-faced, excited Ginger ran into the office, arms open, yelling "Da-dy, Da-dy". She gave me a hug, said "Uv oo" and ran back to the TV.

* I was very moved by this past weekend's Gospel (John 8: 1-11). Not just for the lesson it taught, but for the Jesus it presented. He was able to cut to the heart of the matter in only a few short words; forgiving and compassionate (but w/out approving of the behavior), and so uber confident he came off like a 1st century Cool Hand Luke. This, THIS would be a man you would be proud to follow even in the here and now.

* Begining at 8 PM Friday (CST) and repeating twice in the four hours after that, NKOTB's Coming Home - the concert and backstage footage of their 2008/09 tour - will be playing on Palladia (channel 1267 in Milwaukee). And yes, Lisa, I've already set the DVR. :)

* Back from work and watching DWTS on the DVR, eager to see Kate Gosselin. The result? Not good. A sad peformance lacking in both technical skill and stage presence. It was hard to watch. Plus, Kate was soooo much hotter w/ short hair, as most women are. Dangit, I was hoping she was in it to win it.

* We're watching Dr. Phil on the DVR, and a woman came on and said she spent $1000 on OTC pregnancy tests last year. Say what?? Listen kookoo bird, hit up the damn dollar store already. I've got four kids and 3 of the 4 pregnancies were discovered via two for a buck Dollar Store contraptions. I'll send you some of our leftovers. Gadzooks people, why spend $15 on a piss stick?

* I met Jessica Simpson more than a decade ago, and I didn't come away a fan. Even so, forget what the critics are saying. Her new show "Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty" is entertaining, well-meaning, and might actually do some good in the world. It's worth watching.


Bridgett said...

Okay...gotta hear more about Jessica Simpson. How did you meet her?

Is she as ditzy as she appears?

I heard her show was picked up for a second season although I've never watched.

Slapinions said...

I met her at Job Prior, shortly after she performed at a radio station event in Milwaukee. This was in the late '90's, when she was still just another Britney wanna-be and before Nick/reality TV/movies. Sure, she may just have been having a bad day, but she rolled her eyes at people, made a huff about signing an autograph, and never left the side of her crony.

Again, it was a bad impression and not neccesarily an accurate one. But it didn't help she was short w/ Lisa too.

BTW - her show is actually quite good. We DVR it.