Friday, October 22, 2010

Early August - YaYa has her tonsils out!

7ugust 1st

Another morning of demo work, with me ripping up 3 layers of flooring to expose the subfloor. The bad? I'm sore head to toe. The good? Hang on, I'm thinking.

August 2nd

‎"Damnit Smiley, go to the bathroom and wipe your butt! Yes, now! Because you've got a big chunk of poop hanging from your a**, that's why!" - Lisa

{re Kara DioGuardi being fired from American Idol} Shoulda done this two seasons ago . . .

August 3rd

‎#1 Thing you don't want to see when you walk into a Chinese restaurant to pick up your order: Not one, but *two* health inspectors berating the owner.

{I pd for the food and went home. Deeeee-lish! :)}

"Broadcast TV sucks donkey balls" - Lisa, after sitting through Leno only to be rewarded with Jimmy Fallon. OTOH, The Black Crowes were Leno's musical guest. A bit of trivia: I drove their drummer to the airport in the middle of the night after his wife called to say she'd gone into labor back home.

August 4th

YaYa had her tonsils & adnoids (?) removed today. The surgery was quick, but w/ the wait and recovery it was a 7 hr day. She was in good spirits b4, in agony right after, & seemingly back to (nearly) normal now. Here's a good sign of her overall health: when I took her pain med script into Walgreens they had *NO* record of her having meds filled with them in the last several years - so long she was no longer in their system. Knock on wood.

{her recovery was nearly flawless. She was sore for a week or so, but fully in the swing of things and active within a couple of days. Well done YaYa!}

{re: Alex Rodriguez becoming the youngest man to reach the 600 home run plateau)

Yankees. Arod. Greatness. They really do all go together, don't they?


Rose said...

Great brave pictures of YaYa. I don't hear of tonsil removals too much anymore.

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