Tuesday, October 12, 2010

YaYa's Silly Bandz

This picture, taken October 3rd, is of YaYa's silly bandz collection. Silly Bandz are thin elastic bracelets/rubber bands that are manufactured in different shapes - cars, animals, and the like. They're peaking in popularity right now and are highly collectible in elementary schools, where they're traded like baseball or Pokemon cards.

As you can imagine, they aren't quite as popular with teachers :)


Joann said...

GO YAYA!!! I LOVE those things!!! Good thing I'm not a kid, I'd be spending ALL my lunch money on those!! LOL!! They are SO COOL... so YAYA must be COOL too!!!

Sybil said...

Not seen them here yet....sure to arrive any day now this side of the pond !! Yaya certainly seems to have a grand collection as Joann says she is real cool chick..
Love Sybil

alphawoman said...

We sell them like crazy at the Biscuit Bucket!