Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quotes, books, movies, and kids

August 20th

‎"(he) realized now that a man can be free as a wolf, yet unable to do what he wants at all."

‎"(he had) some idea of taking something of hers w/ him, as if 4 company; but he stopped himself . . .I got these hands she used to hang to, he told himself. I don't need nothing more."

"It was singular how often people found themselves searching for things they dreaded to find."

- The Searchers by Alan LeMay

11:26 pm:

off work and at Kopp's, waiting on a do-over of a burger that was served bloody.

August 21st

An episode of The Cosby Show was just on, one from a later season where Theo was already in college. Within the first ten minutes the characters used a typewriter, a record player (!) and had to rush home to use the phone. Savages

My Dad's always said The Searchers is the best western ever made, and I've never found a film that proved him wrong. I just finished the book that inspired it (by Alan LeMay) and it was just as good - in some ways better. Many of the quotes you've seen here recently are from the text, and I think the ending (while more or less the same) is more powerful in print. Very highly recommended.

I use Google Chrome as a browser but use Bing for searches. Go figure.

August 22nd

Watching The Killers in concert on Palladia. I miss cable.

‎"Nooo. . . No u may not use the term 'finger-bang' in your status. Do not make me hit you." - Lisa, minutes ago

August 23rd

We had a busy/great weekend. On Sat we drove up to Red Granite WI for a corn roast at a tavern owned by the parents of a friend; my girls got up and did karaoke for the crowd- they're a lot braver/better kids than I was @ their age. Afterwards we drove 3.5 hours in the other direction and spent the night at my buddy Erv's house in IL, arriving at 10 pm and leaving ~ 7pm Sunday. A great last summer hurrah.

I just finished 'The Ghosts of Cannae' by Robert L O'Connell, a GREAT non-fiction work on the famous battle. Having read it, I say screw Hannibal; give me Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus any ol' day.

8:33 pm Driving w/ the family on dark country road near Union Grove, returning from an errand [buying a cell phone for Lisa off a Craigslist ad] in Burlington. Justin Beiber's "Baby" on the radio & everyone singing along.

Watching 'Dating in the Dark' on ABC. Man I love reality tv!

August 24th

While I was at work today Lisa brought the kids by to visit, then took them to the mall and treated them to lotion, necklaces & amusement rides before going out to dinner w/ them w/ some of her State Fair earnings. Since Smiley was excluded from the lotion/necklace party, he got a dollar store snake that will grow to 6X its size when left in water.

[on this day the incredible ordeal of 33 Chilean miners broke on the news. Trapped in a cave-in, they were located after 17 days underground. At this point in the story, it was believed they could not be extracted until close to Christmas!}
This is nuts. Say a prayer for their physical - and mental - health.

‎"He was looking anxious & worried, like a man who has done the murder all right but can't think what the deuce to do with the body." - PG Wodehouse

11:52 am - These kids are weird.Ginger keeps trying to play leapfrog but insists on saying 'oink', and Smiley is eating a hoagie roll stuffed with summer sausage, cheese, and whole strawberries. *I should mention that within minutes of this post Lauren was in the backyard pool in a bikini . . and bicycle helmet.

YaYa and I stopped at a lemonade stand out of sympathy for the kids - no one ever stops and buys any from my kids, may all the passerbys rot in hell. Anywho, it turns out it was run by, the son of a friend of ours. I greeted him with "Well if it isn't YaYa's little boyfriend" and thereby ensured me bitter stares & silence from her the rest of the way home.

The chesnut tree Anne Frank wrote about in her diary fell today.

40 years on, the FBI is still hunting Leo Frederick Burt. In 1970 Burt bombed the UW campus to protest the Vietnam War, killing a man in the process. It was the largest act of domestic terrorism ever, prior to the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995.

LOL - I was just watching a music video and a gorgeous lady shook her behind to the camera. Smiley had just walked into the room, and seeing the woman on the screen he tugged on my shirt, & with a huge grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye said "Me like that a lot. Play it again."

Big fan of Kate Miller-Heidke's new album. Go out and buy a copy!

Bud Selig will be remembered by history as the most influential [baseball] commish since Landis, and almost certainly as the most innovative. I'm proud to say I've met him. Meanwhile the haters hate, because that - and not a sport - is the true National Pastime.

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