Monday, December 27, 2010

FB - the end of October

Oct 22nd

Nothing happens until it happens to you.

I received notice today that I *didn't* get that job. A 90 min interview that went like buttah, passed the reasoning/honesty test, good references, the right experience & education . . . & nada. At this point I usually doubt my own worth, but in this instance, the last step (credit ck) had to be the nail in the coffin. Two yrs ago, w/ every bill pd promptly on time each month, this job would have been mine. Damn.

Oct 23rd

After work Lisa & I watched "Frozen", a movie about 3 skiers who are mistakenly stranded on a ski lift when the resort closes for the week. From the start you *know* it's going to get ugly - and it does - but it was a solid effort and enjoyable (for us, not them).

Lulu is a big fan of 'Bony Legs' by Joanna Cole

Nine years ago today, at 4:20 in the afternoon, our YaYa came into our lives. Happy Birthday kiddo!

Oct 24th

I'm not a fan of football coverage on CBS. How Phil Simms ever got a job speaking for a living boggles the mind.

We took YaYa to CC's Pizza yest. for her bday, and to preview it for her bday party there today. Great price, good salad/soup, no decor whatsoever, mediocre pizza, artificially pleasant staff. The cinnamon buns rocked, I'll give 'em that. I wouldn't choose to return on my own, but YaYa and Lisa walked away as fans.

New drinking game: take a shot whenever LuLu trips, bumps into a counter, pokes herself in the eye, or otherwise finds legitimate reason to yell "Owieee!". I guarantee even a lush would be drunk by noon. And here's the rub: she's a natural athlete and dancer. Seriously. It just . . . doesn't seem to carry over to everyday life. ;)

[note: this update spawned a witty reply from my friend Carlos. " So that's how you hide the abuse? Get all drunk and blame the kid?
"Oh officer, she fell, seriously" Sad Dan... Really really sad."]

Eat shit and die, you purple wearing hillbilly Judas. [Brett Favre]

Oct 25th (my anniversary)

Dork alert: as of this morning I've met my annual [minimum] reading goal, finishing my 52nd book of the year. My bucket list goal has always been to crack the century mark, but as an adult I've never read more than 84 in a year.

I finished the horror novel "Let the Right One In" by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist. It's the 2nd bk of his I've read, & looking over my list for the yr I think this might very well be THE best bk I've read in '10. He is a writer that can terrify you while never losing a deeply emotional connection to the characters & their world. I am in awe of his talent.

Obviously I dislike Favre. But independent of that, I've noticed for years that the minute he screws up - aka his classic INT's - he begins to limp, hold his elbow, grab his lower back, etc. Sure, he's banged up, but??? I'm not the only one to notice. Quote the article: "Of course, when he briefly believed he had hit . . . a game-winning touchdown . . . Favre was running around like he could do a 4.4-second 40-yard dash."

[from Lisa]: Happy 14th Anniversary!

Milwaukee is facing the worst windstorm since 1998 (a storm that killed four here).

Oct 26th

[a Muslim truck driver is suing his employer after they terminated him for not delivering Miller Lite ]He failed to do his job, wrongly using Islam as an 'out', & now threatens to use it as a club over the head of his former employers. By all rights he should be LOL'd out of town - it is his JOB after all, one he sought out, and one that by definition requires him to also deliver swimsuit magazines, pork products & many other "objectionable" items. Did he refuse those too, and if didn't - why not? Does he pick & choose when to obey his God?

The 30ft tree in front of my house is swaying w/ the wind. Not just the branches, *the whole* tree. Gulp.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel endorses Scott Walker for Governor.

Taylor Swift's album "Speak Now" got a B+ from

Watching He-Man on Qubo.

Oct 27th

I stayed up late last night to finish 'The Twelfth Imam' by Joel C Rosenburg, only to have it conclude w/ a cliffhanger. Apparently it's the start of a series. Phooey. I doubt I'll pick up the 2nd bk. The story was good, even if the characters were shallow, but it wandered off into End Times schtuff near the end. C'mon now, this is a CIA thriller, not 'Left Behind'. C.

Oct 28th

Book 'em Danno. Hawail Five-O's James MacArthur passes away. RIP.

YaYa with some of her Taylor Swift posters:

Oct 29th

‎"Get Him to the Greek" was a fun movie, but awfully repetitive. Cut out 2 or 3 scenes - any scenes - and it would be a much better flick.

Oct 30th

Last night we watched the film version of "Let the Right One in", a Swedish film w/ English dubbing. Everyone in the room enjoyed it but I don't think it measured up to the book. Of course, that might just me being a book snob. Of note: the climactic scene was WICKED, and brought a 'Holy Bleep!" from everyone in the room. One of the best 30 seconds of horror *ever*.

[6:20 PM] I'm on the front porch w/ the kids, passing out Halloween candy.

[9:19 PM] Just left a Halloween party @ the invite of our friend Darlene. It featured a haunted house for the kids.

Oct 31st

We just finished watching season one of Hell's Kitchen. Great show. We used to watch the F Word and Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America, so we came into it w/ respect for Gordon, but of the three I think this one is our fave. Time to put season 2 on our Netflix queue.

I've finished "Layover in Dubai", a non-political thriller set in the Middle East. The plot was . . . well, there wasn't much of one, but the setting was rich and detailed and the two main characters were well developed. It held my interest. B.

RIP Theodore Sorensen, one of JFK's aides and speech writer.

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