Thursday, December 9, 2010

FB mid September - elections, books, flags and more!

Sept 12th

I finished 'Body Work' by Sara Paretsky. The writing was good, but it seems to rely on character over plot, which is a problem when much of the oomph lies in the the fact the PI is a woman.That may have been a nice gimmick in the '80's, but not today. As to that plot - conspiracy, conspiracy, blah blah. 'Cuz, you know, no one is murdered by anything less than a secret corporate plot. I grade it a C.

It is my deeply held belief that anyone who insists on backing into a parking spot @ a public venue is a pompous ahole w/ far too high an opinion of their own worth.

LuLu with a pumpkin she decorated at Grandma's:

Sept 13th

I just finished "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay, the 1st in the series that inspired the show "Dexter". It's great fun, give or take a torturous death or two. What really makes it tick is the playful voice of Dexter himself as he narrates the action. I'm going to read more in the series.

RIP 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' actor Kevin McCarthy, age 96

Ok - election day is less than 24 hrs away. My picks? Gov: SCOTT WALKER Lt. Gov: KLEEFISCH Senate: RON JOHNSON Congress (4th): DAN SEBRING. And, if I was in State Assembly District 20, MOLLY MCGARTLAND. In my own assembly district 19, I vote for KRISTA BURNS, not because of her party, but because a district that encompasses Bay View should have a rep w/ an address in, gosh, I don't know, Bay View.

Sept 14th

An accident near the airport has knocked down a Cricket tower, leaving most of the south side w/out mobile service. So if you're trying to call me, try FB'ing instead.

And . . . the polls are closed. Hope y'all voted today. As usual I took YaYa with me after school, but all that meant was that I had to give her my "I Voted" sticker. Sooooo not fair.

The French senate has approved a ban on the burqa. ‎"Given the damage it produces on those rules which allow the life in community, ensure the dignity of the person and equality between sexes, this practice, even if it is voluntary, cannot be tolerated in any public place." Jeesh - whodathunk I'd grow increasingly fond of the French?

The phones are still down. I have a land line, but truthfully I don't even know where we keep the phone; it's certainly not plugged in. Anyhow, I called the service dept to find out when the tower was going back online. A nice Indian woman who insisted on calling me "Mr. Daniel" said she would be happy to assist me but alas, failed to back up her claim.

We bought this flag two or three years ago at the Fireside [Theater], but first put it up this week. Sure it's cheese. But this is Wisconsin. We like cheese here ;)

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