Thursday, December 30, 2010

FB Nov 5th thru 12th

Nov 5th
I finished "The Dead Path" by Australian writer Stephen M. Irwin. It's a ghost/horror novel reminiscent of Straub's "Ghost Story", and it's quite good; intelligent, well written, and disturbing in all the right places. BTW, I first saw the book advertised here, on FB, on one of those sidebar ads. So I guess they do work sometimes :)

RIP baseball great Sparky Anderson

Nov 6th

According to, ‎31% of self-identifying gay voters cast ballots for Republicans in the midterm election.

YaYa is up in Wasau at a two-day dance 'intensive', a seminar that includes a solid 6hrs of dance tomorrow. Pics of her departure were posted earlier. Here's an email from her to Lisa (I didn't warrant one apparently :) " hi mom we're at the motel, havin lots of fun.... syl !!!! love u i would write more but only got 20 mins!!! your daughter gracie/gracye"

Nov 7th

The best part about being predictable was that it allows u to do the unexpected (Brandon Sanderson)

Nov 8th

Al Harris was released by the Packers today. Unless he decides to wear purple [join the Vikings], I wish him well.

Nov 9th

A Carnival cruise ship w/ 3300 passengers aboard had a fire that knocked out their power. Their passengers are now stuck off the coast of Mexico w/ no electricity and precious little in the way of non-perishable food - not to mention hygiene concerns.

Scottish explorer Donald Mackenzie, who had gone in search of Noah's Ark, has been reported missing.

A mistake Google made on one of their maps gave Nicaraua an excuse to invade part of Costa Rica. This, my friends, is why I use Bing.

[3:39 PM] It's a beautiful, warm Nov day and Smiley and LuLu are outside w/ me in the backyard. They are playing a game called - can u believe this? - "Fartchicken"

Watching Dubya on Oprah. I adore that man, I truly do.

The kids were awful tonight. Ginger picked up her dinner plate & chucked it across the table; we put her to bed w/out supper. Meanwhile Smiley's had 7 or 8 crying fits (no exaggeration), YaYa was moody, and LuLu was a demon before she fell asleep before supper. All the kids are now in bed for the night. I don't care if it is 6pm, or if homework's done - enough.

The CMA's are advertising they'll feature "the country music debut of Oscar winner Gwenyth Paltrow" Really? C'mon now, that's a joke, right?

[re: official reports dismissing the contrail over LA as an 'illusion'] Yup. An illusion. Like a weather balloon. And swamp gas. Move along people, nothing to see, nothing to see . . .

Nov 10th
[following news that the Met was sending 19 objects back to Egypt]I've said it before, Zahi Hawass is a vile ass. The kingdoms and people who created these objects have more in common with me than they do to the Islamic state that rules the ground now. W/out Western exploration and insight, these artifacts would still be buried or treated like debris. And Hawass? The Rosetta Stone was just a hunk of rock before a Brit deciphered it.

Nov 11th
Remember boys and girls - if a recording artist has even the smallest bit of commercial success, it is your job to heap scorn and ridicule upon them. After all, how dare they succeed while you toil away at the low paying job you so richly deserve? The nerve!

Nov 12th

[news that a Bay View student was stabbed en route to school] He was a Bay View High student, and yet he was coming on a school bus from 36th and Burleigh!!! It'd be nice if Bay View would eventually educate, you know, *kids from Bay View*. Geesh.

RIP Hugh Hickey, a real life (local) inspiration for M*A*S*H

We watched "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore". It was fine, if you can stomach watching a fantasy world where dogs are remotely as smart as cats.

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