Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Loss of Franklin the Turtle and other news

Oct 9th

Not the greatest day in the world. A headache, a dinner out w/ grouchy kids, and some other schtuff that wasn't the greatest. But I did get a a call back from Chicago re: a potential job, thank God. In other news, I've decided to ditch the TV version of 'Dexter'. It is a good show, well acted/written, but I prefer the books. So why waste X amount of hours watching it when I could watch something I'll love?

Oct 10th

Tonight, near midnight, I pocket texted my supervisor endlessly for nearly 15 minutes, prompting her to write me a pleading yet snarking message to stop. Bet that'll go over well on my next review.

Congrats to my Yankees for advancing to the ALCS!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Only 8 more wins 'til #28! (they lost the ALCS)

I came home from work to find that the kids had taken Franklin, our pet turtle, out in the yard to play. They *also* went to bed w/out taking him back inside. With the possum prowling around, I'm not sure he was even around to be found by the time I was done w/ work, but I scoured the yard w/ a work light and an extension cord. No luck. He's still MIA. He's been part of the family since Feb '05, predating Smiley. Damn.

It is wise to remember that you are one of those who can be fooled some of the time - Lawrence Peter

Good - the Vatican aims to strengthen Christian communities in the Middle East

Oct 11th

I cleaned the toys off the lawn & raked it all. I moved their playhouse & everything in it. I went through the compost pile. I trimmed the weeds by the trampoline. i moved the trampoline itself and searched underneath. No Franklin. Maybe he skedaddled 'neath the shed, but if he did he's SOL. Lisa wants to think he's quote "truckin'" endquote on down to the pond at the park, & I guess we'll let that myth stand.

In other, happier news: Saturday Lis & watched "Kinky Boots", a Brit film about a man who inherits his father's failing shoe factory & tries to save it by making custom made boots for drag queens. Surprisingly non-camp, the film is predictable but sweet and entertaining. We also picked up LaRoux's album; other than the techno 'Bulletproof', the CD is very mellow, not at all what we expected.

‎"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." - Carl Sagan

Oct 12th

We just cleaned Gingers's room. She really is 1/2 of the 'bookends' - like YaYa, she's a hoarder. Unlike YaYa, however, she also destroys. One drawer had 1/4" of rice crispies; another was coated with orange kool-aid powder she rubbed into the wood. Spilled nail polish & paint. Broken toys. Rotten apples. Broken CHINA. It took two 13 gal. garbage bags + 2 laundry baskets and 2 LAWN & GARDEN bags to clean up the mess. Ok, to be fair 1/2 of the garden bags were devoted to toys I jettisoned, so I guess *that* doesn't count.

For Family Night this week I rented the live action "Marmaduke" and made cajun style salmon cakes with rice and broccoli. Cue the standard kid reactions to unknown food, but they all tried it. Heck, LuLu even liked it. But the best, most honest reaction to my meal? Smiley took a big bite, swallowed, and said "It taste yuck. Me feel like I 'ave to 'uke"

The first of the 33 men trapped in a Chilean mine since August 5 has arrived at the surface in a rescue capsule, greeted by hugs and cheers. - CNN

Oct 13th

I caught Ginger having a tea party in her room. Her drink of choice (which she was chugging liberally)? The pail of water we'd used to mop her floor.

The last of the Chilean miners has reached the surface, and I'm so genuinely happy for all of them it's nuts. What a great, honest, moving story of heroism and determination. Kudos to the government of Chile for fixing the problem, not the blame, and doing everything they could to rescue their people. I wish nothing but the best for the miners and their families. God Bless them all!

Oct 14th

A few days ago I finished "Star Island" by Carl Hiassen, an entertaining but forgettable novel about a spoiled pop star. I'm now ~ 150 pg's into Jimmy Carter's "White House Diary", which would mark the 4th bk on his Presidency I've read in the last 12 months. It's fascinating stuff, and at some point I'll devote a blog post or FB 'note' to some talking points about the text.

Took Smiley to visit his old school & sign him up for speech. The outporing of love for him there was great - everyone from office staff to teachers came to hug him, comment on his growth spurt, & tell him they miss him. His old teach even let him spend 1/2 hr in her class w/ his old friends. Best line? She sd his summer school teach emailed her to say Park liked being Heidi's student 'cuz she "blond and pretty" :)

Ironic license plate of the day: SUBTL T

Oct 15th

I've finished "Bad Blood", a Virgil Flowers mystery by John Sandford I read entirely on a Nook. It was great start to finish, and those last fifty pages - whoa.

‎"30 Days of Night: Dark Days"? I didn't even pay for the rental, and I *still* want a refund.

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