Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More posts from the last third of September . . .

Sept 2oth

I just returned from a dentist appt. It turned out my dentist had broken his arm "cleaning his pool" Saturday night and wanted to reschedule. Huh. Seems to me I remember seeing him wearing a Brewers road jersey and stumbling through Pick 'N Save's parking lot drunk off his ass at 2am the night of the 'pool accident'. My bad; must have been some other Indian dentist who drunkenly waved hello to me . . .

Sept 21st

I worked last night and missed the premiere of NBC's "The Event". I've heard it's the Lost of this decade, which seems like a tall order. Did anyone see it? What's your verdict? [I still haven't seen an episode]

Old yet glorious news, and worth another look. [wipes tears of joy from his eyes] (Alex Rodriguez became the 1st player in MLB history to notch 100 RBI's in 14 different seasons)

We watched Bill Clinton on Letterman last night. Sure, it meant I had to put up with Dave's Lewinsky-worthy love for the guy [retch], but I was still expecting to be entertained; politics aside, Bill is good TV. Alas, he seems to have lost a few steps in the wake of his heart problems. It's sad, really. What was w/ the grade school tectonic plates lesson? Or his habit of quoting studies w/out referencing a source?

If Elmo doesn't want to play with you Katy, then I will. And you won't need those silly dress up clothes. Or any clothes at all, for that matter. (this was in response to Katy Perry's sexy & ultimately controversial appearance on Seasame Street. The show has now removed the video from Youtube.)

Anytime you predict failure you have an excellent chance of being right.

I'm sitting on my porch reading my Nook & enjoying the evening rain. Meanwhile the Evil Four are watching Honey I shrunk the Kids in our living rm and driving Lisa nuts. Shame i'm not inside to help, hee hee.

Sept 22nd

I was happy to see that Glee came back as strong as ever, & I can't wait to see the Britney epis. next wk.

When Taio Cruz's 'Dynamite' comes on the radio everyone starts singing along, and I've caught the kids singing the line "I told you once, now I told you twice" at home many times. The last time the song was on the radio i was distracted & didn't join in. Smiley interrupted me from the back seat by saying "This our song. Why you not singing?"

Do I contradict myself? Wel then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes. - Walt Whitman

I just finished 'Dexter by Design' (bk #4), a very good addition to the series & a welcome recovery from the debacle of bk 3.

Sept 23rd

Wed evening we watched the premiere of "The Whole Truth". We were not impressed, finding it nothing more than a cookie cutter courtroom drama. C. OTOH, Hell's Kitchen was great fun, in large part because of the fine cast of piss poor, ghetto-riffic cooks they've cobbled together this season. B+

I've finally finished watching the last of this season's Dr Who. Just this morning I voiced skepticism over the season's overall story arc (the 'cracks in time') but I'm happy to say Moffatt pulled it all together quite nicely. So, for the yr: a great new Dr, quite possibly the hottest companion ever (Amy), the first married couple/companions in the show's run, and a 1st rate writing team - I'm psyched for Season 6!

I've enjoyed reading about the 1876 Catalpa rescue of Irish prisoners from their Australian exile.

Sept 24th

There were 13 honeymoon couples on board the RMS Titanic. One couple survived. The others were lucky.

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