Sunday, December 19, 2010

On to the end of September . . .

Sept 25th

Why I am not employed by the UN: Smiley & I were raking leaves when he told me a boy in his class was 'mean' and hitting other kids.
"He ever hit you?" I asked.
He shook his head. "Naw, not 'et".
"Huh," I said. "Well, if he does, beat his ass. Then tell your teacher."

Some camera phone pics of the kids:

70-3 at Camp Randall??? For a second I didn't realize it was a football score. I just assumed someone had tallied my lifetime record w/ redheads.

I just read an online review of the 1982 version of 'Annie', a movie my ma took her Brownie troop to see back in the day. The reviewer was appalled by the "foul" language and called it far too adult and "risque" for her (presumably obnoxious) children. WTH?! When you have whackjobs like that for a parent, you're sure to wound up in therapy. Get a freakin' life.

At this point I think our culture is programmed to find fault in everything and everyone; humans would do well to relearn the art of shutting up and just living their own life.
On Stephen Colbert, a comedian, being called to testify in front of Congress (in character!) . I know our country actually went to shit long long ago, but we should really stop trying to advertise that fact at every opportunity. Why the hell was he invited to testify in character?

Sept 26th

Let me be honest to the pt of vulgarity: if she was not a celebrity, by virtue of her face Leann Rimes would be considered a two-bagger - on a good day.

I don't understand why step 2 of the job application process was to upload my resume, while step 3 and 4 is to replicate it by typing in endless fill in the blanks. What was the point of asking for the resume in the first place??????

Sept 27th

I'm torn. I've been a very nice person (well, by my standards) for a few years now and my life has gone to shit. So, I'm thinking . . . maybe it's time to resurrect the douche. I enjoyed life quite a bit more when I was making people enjoy theirs less, and the bills were certainly paid quicker. So what do you think? Y/N?

Even with a WR set to play tonight, I've already notched a win in my fantasy league. I am now (wait for it!) 1-2 on the year! Whoo-hoo! ;)
I should have won last week too, when I posted a score well above the century mark, but of course I was playing the lucky yahoo who got 20 pts from everyone from the kicker to the waterboy.

LuLu & friend at roller rink yest:

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