Monday, December 20, 2010

A whole heapin' helping of quick TV reviews

Sept 27th

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare." --Japanese Proverb

Buncha quick TV thoughts to follow in my updates - why? Why not? If you had something better to do than read my posts, you wouldn't have time to be on FB in the first place.

We just started Season 4 of Big Love. No spoilers please, but I can't help thinking Bill is ignoring his true calling. He is destined to be the One True Prophet of Juniper Creek. Also - I'm a new fan of 'Big Bang Theory' (~1/2 way into season 1). I love Sheldon, but Lisa doesn't seem as adoring of the show. Mayhaps a past as a dork helps breed empathy.

I've begun watching the original BBC series "Life on Mars." LOVE it. Also nearly done with Season 1 of "How I met your Mother". While I love Barney (NPH rocks!) I think the actor playing Ned dragggggggs the show down. I dig it, but overall I have to grade it a B-

RIP Titanic star Gloria Stuart, age 100.

How fitting. On this day in 1939 the free and just people of Warsaw fell to the Nazis. 71 years later the Bears triumph over the Packers. No good can come of September 27th.

Sept 28th

Not the appropriate response to your wifes complaint: Tonight the brunette Danny-girl from across the street knocked on my door, introduced herself, and asked to borrow our blender. I obliged. "Don't you think that's ballsy," Lisa said. "Knocking on a stranger's door and asking for their blender?" To which I replied: "Did you *see* her??? If she'd asked to borrow our car I'd have signed over the title."

Sept 29th

I've finished 'Dexter is Delicious', the newest of the series (#5) that inspired the hit show. Well written w/ an interesting plot, & very enjoyable.

For family nt yest. We suprised our oldest 3 by taking them to see 'Ramona & Beezuz' @ the budget showhouse. It was a great family movie, w/ a contemporary urgency to the plot, great acting and best of all true to Bev Cleary's characters. A+

I'm loving Hells Kitchen! They HAVE to keep Raj - that nut is a pip! [Lisa's response: yeah, highly enjoyable last night....esp. watching it w/ you. xoxo]

Arod hit his 30th homer of the year tonight - to go along with 122 RBI's! That's the 13th season in a row he's reached the 30 dinger plateau. Well done sir. You are the best of the best, and I bow to you.

A day late, but what the hell: I didn't love the Glee Brittany episode. There were some laughs, sure. Yet overall I thought it was poorly written and oddly constructed, w/ the music forced into place as an afterthought. Yawn. Plus, what's with the wheelchair kid joining the football team? Must this show ALWAYS push political correctness to the point of absurdity? It's wearing thin.

Ooooo, Big Love season 4 is getting juicy!!

I've finished Flashforward, the Robert J Sawyer novel that was supposedly the inspiration for the short lived series. El boringo, w/ a thin plot, little action, and enough science jargon to fill a txtbk. Blech. C-

Sept 30th

We just finished watching Season 4 of Big Love . . whoa Nelly! That is a Damn Good Show.

Oct 1st

Watched the pilot for Psych. I enjoyed it but found the characters too flippant; I think I can safely cross this show off my netflix list.

Rumor is Glee is planning a NSYNC episode, which I think is bull---t. I like NSYNC, but if they pass up NKOTB in favor of mere pretenders to the throne, count me as an ex-Gleek.

I had high hopes for this [Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin] album. The 'genius' of Brian Wilson reinterpreting Gershwin sounded good on paper. The reality? Blech. Wilson's 'signature' sound is just the same dated Beach Boy vibe trotted out again and again, and he does no justice to the Gershwin catalog. I suppose if you are a huge Beach Boy fan it's palatable, but otherwise D-

Oct 2nd

I forgot just how much I miss David Tennant until I saw him walk on screen.

According to a Bay View Compass article YaYa brought home, Bellas Fat Cat 's food license expired JUNE 30th, & they were ordered closed to the public on July 14th - yet they were seen serving customers as LATE AS SEPT 1ST. Any chance of them reopening is kaput now that the truth is out, &I just drove by and saw a "for lease" sign in the window.

RIP TV Producer Steven J. Cannell.

To my (happy) surprise, my oldest girls not only asked to watch the vid clips i posted earlier, but declared themselves big fans of 'Lauren Cooper' and her tagline "Am I bovvered?". As late as a few minutes ago Liv recited the line, which inspired my own Lauren to walk up to me and say "You not bovvered Daddy, you not bovvered

A busy, productive day. Lu had dance in the AM, whileSmileyr went to Home Depot's kid class w/ grandma before heading to her house for a sleepover; then some grocery shopping and a trip to pay the Cricket bill. We spent 3-4 hrs this PM cleaning the office (I discarded ~50 bks - ouch!), the pantry, & washing dishes; then visited w/ our friend Chris before watching "The Last Song" w/ the girls & making milkshakes.

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