Friday, January 21, 2011

The 2nd wk of December 2010

Dec 11th

No one has the right *not* to be offended - Ricky Gervais on why people should lighten up

A new species of metal-eating bacteria has been discovered on the wreck of the Titanic.

Dec 12th

Got home from work around 10:30 and put in 'Scott Pilgrim vs the World'. I didn't know anyting about it going in, so when it started all the zaniness my only thought was, WTF?? It was certainly different, but in an entertaining way. I enjoyed it, and for once Michael Cera played a character other than a wimpy, passive kid.

Heavy snow has collapsed the Metrodome roof in Minnesota.

Dec 13th

Lisa was fencing w/ the kids tonight, using gift wrap tubes as swords. At one pt Ginger was 'stabbed' by Lu. She jerked suddenly. Her eyes went wide, her mouth fell open, & she spread her arms out and fell straight backwards, her posture rigid. BAM! She hit the floor. It suprised the heck out of us, and we stood their like fools. Then she got up & did it again. And again. And again. The kid's a heck of an actress.

Lisa just finished 'Leaving The World' by Douglas Kennedy, and she gave it rave reviews. It's not my cuppa tea, as to my knowledge it has neither gunfire nor wanton sex, so if you normally find yourself despising the books I review, check this one out.

Quoting a article: "While Obama ran as the candidate who would fight to overturn Bush's record, a huge number of his policies remain in place.This says a lot about President Bush. One of the key measures that we have to evaluate the success of a president is not simply how many of his proposals pass through Congress but also how many of his policies outlast his time in office." is reporting that Brett Farve is officially inactive tonight, ending his consecutive game streak.

I thought "The Posession of David O'Reilly" was truly frightening, even tho' I would have driven the guy to County Psych long before the 3rd act. It's a low budget Brit film, 4 actors, 1 location, miniscule FX, & an intentionally ambiguous dilmema - is their houseguest completely insane, or is he being terrorized by demons he's now brought to their door? Well done.

Dec 14th

I finally finished 'The Fort' by Bernard Cornwell, a novel about the failed Penobscot Expedition of 1779, aka the worst naval disaster in American history prior to Pearl Harbor. Incompetence, cowardice, & plain stupidity cost the U.S. not only the battle, but a fleet of warships (and to a much smaller force). Hard to read, 'cuz the American characters were so less than admirable. BTW, Paul Revere was an ass.

Ok, this will take a few paragraphs: According to the book, during the siege of the fort he was in charge of the artillery (a post he almost didn't get, as he was under suspicion of embezzlement from his prior commision). He forgot to bring ammunition for the larger cannon, refused to move them where they were needed, and he would journey to a nearby ship for his meals several times a day and spend the night, leaving his men to fend for themselves. (this practice was ordered to stop by the General in charge of the expedition).

When the British started their terrific whupping of the fleet he disobeyed orders to set up cannon at a bend in the river, which might have allowed the U.S. fleet to escape by bottling up the Brits. Instead they came through unscathed and the fleet burned.

Then, he disobeyed orders again and fled down the river with his personal baggage. A U.S. ship nearby was going down and its men were screaming for rescue. He not only ordered his men to sail past the wreck, he again disobeyed a General's direct order to come to the aid of the sailors. (they were rescued by another crew) His reasoning? He stated he could not risk damaging his baggage by attempting the rescue.

He was arrested for cowardice and never saw action again. After the war, largely because they were sick of discussing a five year old case, a court martial dismissed charges with a few curt words for him.

BTW - he was also suspected of stealing the locker housing all the pay for the soldiers/sailors of the expedition. Hence, his reluctance to risk losing his 'baggage'.

PS - the General he ignored re: the rescue, and who later arrested and testified against Revere? He was the grandfather of Henry Longfellow, who in 1861 composed the largely fictional poem that rescued Revere's reputation and made him a national hero.

It was written in 1861, when the US was entering the Civil War. It was important to create a unifying, patriotic myth. I think it vould have been John Doe for all Longfellow cared, as it was 3 generations removed.

Dec 16th

Aw, dangit. A great ballplayer, a great American. He spent 49 of his 92 years as a HOF'er. RIP Bob Feller.

I'm not sure I agree w/ choosing Nona as the winner of Hells Kitchen, but I sure as hell recognize Russell as a i prison term waiting to happen. Blaming his brigade for his loss, being pissy at the celebration, getting physical on the line - c'mon dude, grow up.

RIP director Blake Edwards

An ancient Roman statue has washed up on an Israeli beach.

Dec 17th

Yeah, I'm about done w/ this whole Tooth Fairy business. YaYa is whining, again, that we're ignoring her recent 'loss'. Whoopdeedoo. I'm lost teeth in the last five years, and what did *I* get? A bunch of dentist bills and a hillbily smile, thank you very much.

Dec 18th

QB Aaron Rodgers has been declared out for week's game. Matt Flynn will start in his place.

Quoting the BBC: Scientists say they have identified an embalmed head as belonging to King Henri IV of France, who was assassinated in 1610 at the age of 57.

Dec 19th

What a great 4th quarter rally in the [Philly] Vick-tory against the Giants. Wow. One to remember.

Fist off, congrats to Fabio for winning Survivor Honduras. Second, kudos to Matt Flynn for running a helluva game (until the last 30 seconds). I'm not usually a glass half-full guy, but if the Packers could battle the Pats on the road right down to the wire, then we're a better team than I thought.

Dec 20th

Here's an odd place for an otherwise sweet note: "Have a good night Mom & Dad. I love you! YaYa". The place she wrote it? On the first sheet of the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. I saw it and left it for Lisa, thinking she'd see it and we'd share a chuckle. Alas, I believe it went unseen and was put to a. . .more traditional use.

Recent viewing: 'Cirque de Freak: The Vampires Assistant' turned out to be a fun little movie, and well worth the spot on my Netflix queue. 'The Other Guys' was much funnier than advertised and I stand by my ever-present adoration of Will Ferrell. "Gator's bi**hes better be wearin jimmies!". Classic!

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