Monday, January 10, 2011

The tail end of November 2010

Nov 24th

"Put a fish head up your butt" a chant the kids started while marching around the house this morning, after I told Smiley to "get your head outta your butt" and find his shoes.

My column will appear in the Thanksgiving edition of the Journal-Sentinel. Please buy a copy or read it online.My column will appear in the Thanksgiving edition of the Journal-Sentinel. Please buy a copy or read it online.

Nov 25th

If you want to shine, ya gotta polish

I just stayed up way too late to finish "Predators". I'll pay for it in the morning, but the film was a pleasant suprise. Very entertaining for an action sequel, esp one in a franchise I thought had been bled dry. Well worth a rental.

Went out to Thanksgiving lunch, returned to watch NO-DAL, now watching Taylor Swift on NBC. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too.

Nov 26th

Saw an old Genesis concert video on 4.3. Without ? Phil Collins is the dorkiest, least sexy frontman in history.

Allow a man to keep his pride and you can be less worried about keeping your scalp when he's back on his feet

‎36.5 WMVT aka MPTV Jazz = one of the few reedeming graces of being limited to broadcast TV.

Gadzooks I'm tired, and I haven't even goneto work yet.

Nov 27th

I expected the worst from 'Robin Hood' but all in all it was impressive. Very little to do w/ the legend at all, tho they try to correct w/ a lame postscript. The streak holds; I've yet to see a bad Russell Crowe movie.

We're watching "Eat, Pray, Love" and it is torture. How can someone make a movie this rambling and dull and not hang their head in shame?

From one extreme to another: The Expendables was fun from start to finish. Ah, maybe w/ another cast it would have been a B movie, but w/ the Justice League of freakin' action heroes involved it was a hoot.

Nov 29th
"From Paris With Love" is a fun but mindless action romp, & John Travolta's character single handedly steals the show. At least he did until the 3rd act, when he stopped being a delightful maniac and got all serious. Boo to that :) Travolta alone was worth the rental fee.

Here's Smiley with many of the Home Depot project badges he's earned.

RIP Leslie Nielsen, age 84.

RIP Irvin Kershner (sp?), director of "Empire Strikes Back"

While I would normally relish this Administration looking the fool, I would never want it @ the expense of our nation. Those connected to the Wikleaks fiasco are willingly putting our standing & safety at risk. The source - Pfc Manning, IIRC - is a treasonous jacka** who deserves whatever we throw @ him.
Here's Lu over the summer at my friend Erv's house in IL

Some pics of YaYa at a bakery we visit while waiting for her dance class to begin

A grumpy Ginger:

YaYa is all pissy because I got angry when she took my phone & made a pic of the kids my wallpaper. Whatever. My kids are important to me, but they aren't my complete universe. I'm allowed to have snippets of a life unrelated to being a parent.
Nov 30th
I'vebeen up since 5:30 running errands. Time to sit down and enjoy Season 4 of Hell's Kitchen. Now F* off you donkeys!
After ~ 2 wks w/out the net, we're back online as of 6:47. I still say AT&T was doing what AT&T does best during the delay - give you half-ass service due to a near monopoly - but they have gone ahead and credited our account w/ 2 free months of service. It doesn't make up for the damage to my farm (crops withered, co-ops lost *sob*) but it's a start.
Today's Family Night: homemade fajitas we shared w/ friends, then Olivia off to skating w/ a buddy while the others watched 'The Sorceror's Apprentice' and I dealt w/ AT&T.

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Strangely enough there is a group developing over at Facebook called AOL-J-Land Survivors and it is very cool. I spent about 20 minutes reading and seeing the real names of a lot of Journalers! Very interesting. If you like, friend me on Facebook - I'm Mary Theresa Fitzgerald-Martin. I have the longest name ever on FB nistory! Maybe not, but I'm top five. And I will direct you over there.