Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Years Day thru January 4th

Jan 1st 2011

May I just say - The Big Bang Theory is one heck of a funny, well done show.

In the news: The Pope rallies Christians to not despair in light of recent attacks, and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson declines to posthumously pardon Billy the Kid.

We're 10 days shy of going 6 months w/out a single day w/out kids - or for that matter, so much as 4 hrs (!). Haven't seen a movie in close to a yr, haven't gone out to dinner alone (w/out a curfew) for months. Typical for some families I guess, but Lisa & I enjoy our time together more than most. I think some parents keep their kids on their t*t so they won't notice how little they like their spouse.

Jan 2nd

Hot damn, the Packers win and advance to the playoffs! Who-hoo! Two other reasons to be happy for the win: a) it came at the expense of the FIB Bears and b) it eliminated Tampa Bay, thereby making Carlos' life just a little less grand. Triple-win for Dan-Dan!

Jan 3rd

An incident at Mayfair Mall, allegedly planned via social networking sites, had the mall on lockdown. According to a witness (and who knows how reliable they are), the incident was not 'isolated' as claimed, and involved as many as 100 youth.
They knocked over merchandise, screamed and yelled, and there were reports of shots fired in the parking lot.

Aside from complaining about the babysitter situation, it was a pretty good New Years wknd. Alcohol helped, of course, but for the most part it was a relaxing wkend full of excessive amts of TV & homemade pizza. Sunday was a little more productive. I watched 9 hrs of football, helped Lis carpet the back stairs, hung a closet rod for Smiley & tracked down a new phone on Craigslist for our friend Chris.

Zsa Zsa Gabor will have a leg amputated

Jan 4th

‎'Knight and Day' was a fun but forgettable spy flick, at least worth a rental from Redbox. What made it rise above its tired plot? A) Tom Cruise's character was genuinely LOL as he prattled on, oblivious to the situations around him and B) Cameron Diaz has gorgeous feet. That alone would sell the movie for me.

Facing multiple lawsuits over sexual abuse, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is filing bankruptcy. This is a shame, and IMO, a victory for the devil. Literally. My own opinion aside, Archbishop Listeki's statement is very well done, admitting the wrongs of the past and laying blame on those responsible (priests). Either he's a gifted writer or his copywriter deserves a raise.

‎'Jaws', the novel by Peter Benchley, was largely a waste of my time. Speilberg was right - in the book you wind up rooting for the shark because all the humans are a*holes. There's not much to say about his style either. The film is infinitely superior, although I will say that the opening sequence of the book is both well written and suspenseful.

The son of the former Shah of Iran has committed suicide. RIP.

I have a column in tomorrow's (Wed) Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Kindly pick up a copy if you can.

The words 'injun' and 'ni---er' will be purged from a new edition of Twain's classic Huckleberry Finn. This is, w/out question, censorship and political correctness masked as an attempt to 'widen the reading audience' of the book. "Think of the children!" Yeah, think of them listing to the N word in every other rap. An acquaintance of ours nicknamed his son 'chigga' from a song that rhymes it with the n-word. And Twain is what we worry about?

My cousin Mindy stopped by w/ her son Isiah:

Obama's staff is rumoured to be due for a few roster changes. This is typical at the midpoint of a President's first term. However, when a President is *perceived* to be struggling it is often misinterpreted as a sign of panic and lack of faith - note Carter's disastrous cabinet shakeup in the wake of his 'malaise' speech.

Ouch! I just burned my stomach taking cookies out of the oven. Yeah, I shouldn't be baking sans shirt, but I can usually count on my thick manly belly hair to protect me. Oh well. At least the inevitable scar will blend in with the stretch marks.

Remember, I'm in the paper today. As of now, there are 11 comments about it on the JSOnline site, 2 of them full of angry liberal CAPS and !!!!!! marks. Which is odd, since it has nothing to do w/ politics, left or right. Thank heavens JS didn't have comment capability when they published the gay marriage/concealed carry/Catholic Church columns. I had anonymous hate mail sent to my father's house after one of those.

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