Friday, April 22, 2011

The 2011 Passion Play

This is, of course, Easter week, and to celebrate Christ's sacrifice the kids school put on an extensive Passion play/Stations of the Cross on the final day before Easter break. I worked until the time it started and arrived late, getting a seat too far back to warrant picture taking. Thankfully my mother-in-law took photographs. Unfortunately . . . well, she's no Annie Lebowitz. But as Smiley would say, the pics are "betta than nuttin".

Here's YaYa joining her class for a song and then reciting a portion of text for the first station of the cross. She read clearly, loudly, and with emotion. She inherited her Mother's speaking skills, that's for sure.

LuLu's class did the 5th Station, and she was a reader as well. She was loud and clear, but was nervous and sped through the text. Odd that my most socially adept kid is the one with the most stage fright (which isn't saying much; they are all limelight hogs).

The Smiley played Jesus for the 12th Station. Lisa crafted the costume from an old sheet, and made the crown of thorns by purchasing a twig wreath, deconstructing it, and then wiring the crown together. Naturally, the next day we found a ready made wreath at the dollar store! It figures, eh?

He did swell. It's a shame Lisa wasn't there to see it, but as a Lutheran she's always been genuinely disturbed at the notion of a congregation yelling "Crucify him!" during Easter week. It has never bothered me, as I grew up with Passion plays, but I also think its important to remind us that we - as a species - were the cause of Christ's death, not a group of random Jews and Romans 2000 years ago.

Easter Week is here! Enjoy the holiday everyone!


Sybil said...

Thanks for sharing the childrens school passion. I have never heard of it being done over here..Good on them all.
Have a truly wonderful Easter.
Love from Sybil x

Donna said...

I'm no Catholic, but I would love to have seen this! By the way, everybody should read Sister Mary Martha's blog. I am learning so much about the Catholic faith from her, and she's funny, too!

Fred Oftencold said...

It took me a while to find this.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing this if you never have. It's what can happen when kids are involved in solemn religious observances. :D