Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FB'ing the end of January

Jan 23rd - the Packers win the Halas trophy and advance to the Super Bowl:

I am so happy, so happy I requested off months ago for the Super Bowl!

Hey Brett - F*** U again. Sincerely, Ted Thompson

Jan 24th

I finished Robert Crais' "The Sentry", a Joe Pike/Elvis Cole novel centered around the suspected kidnapping of Pike's love interest. It's on par with Crais' other books, which is to say it's a strong story populated by great characters. I do wish, however, that he'd bring back some of the humor that was present in his early work.

Jan 25th

We just finished watching the first season of The Amazing Race. Minor discord there at the end, with me rooting on the eventual winners while Lisa, a fan of the runner ups, accused me of betraying my economic and social class with my decision. Either way, no losers on that show. Even if you're eliminated in week 1, you see more of the world than most people do in a lifetime.

[now] watching 'the notorious landlady' w/ Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon and Fred Astaire

6 pm. Saturday July 6th 1957. [the date/time when Lennon and McCartney first met]

Here's the cover YaYa made for her Expo project, a bio of a famous Wisconsinite. Her choice: Barbie who, yes indeed, is alleged to hail from these parts.

And some ad-libbed work by LuLu

According to an email I just received, a Packers column I wrote should be in Thursday's Journal-Sentinel. I'll let you know if it pans out.

Jan 28th

Thank you to the folks who bought GS cookies from my girls, esp those who went out of their way w/ their generosity

It's petty, but I am sore with a) the headline JS gave my piece B) a glaring typo they introduced into it (it is not in my submission) and c) an edit that took out a line that had a lot of humor and heart. But they paid me, so it's all sour grapes. so OFW.

I made tandoori chicken and rice pilaf for dinner last night, and it was a disaster. Awful. Sitcom awful. Smiley and I were the only ones who swallowed more than the mandatory one bite - Lisa included :( the ckn was undercooked, the rice was crunchy and the spices were too strong. Plus the yogurt tasted off. It bit a*s. Even the cats avoided the scraps.

‎25 yrs since the Challenger exploded. U'd think the anniversary would get more ink, but the nat'l tragedies of the last quarter century - waco, OK city, columbine, 9/11 - seem to make it less impactful on our collective memory.

Facts are for people who can't create their own truth - Get Fuzzy {1/27/11}

Jan 29th

watching the 2011 US.Figure Skating Championships on NBC

I found our old Baby Songs DVD and to my suprise Smiley was ecstatic. He and LuLu are watching it now, singing and laughing along. Good times :)

Zikes. Even the most sedate, productive, happy days can descend into chaos and drama before changing back just as quickly. Life is just a big helping of messy, unpredictable disorder I guess.

Jan 30th

(Pantera playing) LuLu: Dad, turn that off! Me: Why? LuLu: 'Cuz it's ugly music!

Pantera, btw, is loud, aggressive metal. She was in a critical mood, and later objected to my demonstration of the Humpty Dance. There's no pleasing some folks.

Jan 31st

who needs internet porn when u can watch Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' video? Well done Mrs.Brand, well done. In other news Cold War Kids were pretty darn good.

‎'RED' was ok, but in the end was little more than cookie cutter action/comedy. What comedic bright spots there were came largely courtesy of Mary Louise Parker.

I love this quote: It's always too early to quit - Norman Vincent Peale

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