Monday, April 25, 2011

My Favorite Things

I was a latecomer to the world of mobile phones, first getting one a few years into this century. Consider my reluctance a last gasp of loyalty to the beautiful pager I wore in the mid '90's. Or just rack it up to a lack of $ to spend on a phone. Either/or.

Nowadays, with more kids than zeros on my paycheck and obligations up the ying yang, a cell phone is a necessity. And while the Cricket MSGM8 II is not 'top of the line', and future readers will giggle at what they'll see as an antique, it is my darling, my honeyboo, my honeybunchesofoats.

It is truly one of My Favorite Things.

The party line: it is a bar phone with a QWERTY keypad, and weighs 3.74 oz while measuring 4.2" x 2.39" x .53". The screen has a 220 x 176 resolution and can display 260K colors. It has a 1000 contact capacity and a 1.3 megapixal digital camera.

I do wish the camera had better resolution and low light capabilities, but at the same time the camera is just about my favorite toy on the phone. I take pictures all the time, and sending them to email or my Facebook account is easy and intuitive. I don't just take pictures of the kids, either. I'll snap a quick pic of a book or CD cover as a reminder to research or purchase it later, and I find myself avoiding taking notes by simply photographing a memo or directions.

Speaking of directions, it does feature a link to Mapquest and an (optional) turn by turn GPS program. I've used the Mapquest link several times, and for frequent long distance destinations I've taken to putting the directions in the phone's permanent memo pad. Ditto recipes, list of recently viewed films for review, etc.

On the web browser I often check JSOnline and my Gmail accounts, and I can't begin to express how much happiness I've gotten from the quick link to Facebook that's built into the top screen. I love mobile Facebook.

As far as widgets/apps, I've downloaded PopEater (a pop culture news/gossip site), This Day in History, a personalized sports score app, IMDB news (movie news), Reuters Science News, Quote of the Day, Weather, and plain ol' news.

Texting is fast and easy with the QWERTY keboard and a quck navigation menu. Texting, heaven help us, has now replaced voice calls as my prefered means of phone communication.

Last but not least, the alarm clock is nice and loud and allows three different times to be set - just what this oversleeper needs.

All that for one flat monthly cost, with no overages, free 411, no contract, and great service :)

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