Monday, April 4, 2011

UConn just won the NCAA Championship, just a moment ago; for something completely different, check out these documentaries:

I didn't think I'd like the documentary 'Exit Through The Gift Shop', especially after the montage scenes of graffiti artists made me angry. The destruction of someone else's property doesn't entertain me. Never has, never will.

Then Banksy, a British 'street artist' extraordinaire, entered the film. Banksy has an undeniable talent, a pleasant personality, and a good sense of humor that plays well on film, even behind the facade of a digitally altered face and voice. I developed a grudging respect for the man and his work (some of which is now excavated by property owners and kept as saleable art).

Cue another shift in direction, as Banksy turns the camera back on the documentary maker and instructs him to begin his own artistic career. The results are hilarious, and I wound up enjoying this documentary quite a bit.

No such love for 'Banky's Coming For Dinner', a gawd-awful mockumentary featuring Joan Collins and a man impersonating Banksy. It is a pointless, flat waste of film.

Fat Head is a documentary retort to Super Size Me, the doc that famously accused McDonald's of being responsible for an American obesity epidemic. Despite low production values, I enjoyed the third of the film that went toe to toe with the original documentary. Super Size Me is a better 'film', but Fat Head's logic points out its inconsistencies and inherent propaganda.

Alas, the film then morphs into an extended infomercial for a low carb diet. I agree that 1/3rd of the American diet is fueled by the whims of a Leftist agenda (vegan, etc) and 2/3 the economics of agriculture (hey, if we grew cardboard violins in Iowa the USDA would put 'em down as essential for a healthy breakfast). But dude, stay on target and mind the mission creep: I'm watching to see you refute SSM, not preach a diet of your own.

You know why modern roasts suck? A) because they rely on no-name B listers with no connection to their target B) 80% of the jokes are aimed towards the panel, not the guest and C) it's over the top vulgar.

If you have William Shatner as your target, your funniest attempt at humour should not be a Sulu-gay sex barb.

That said, I had a few laughs, and kudos to Betty White for a fine performance.

Zack Galifianakis: Live at the Onion was a funny, low key stand up performance. Well done.

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