Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flashback: LuLu on the Computer 2007

Lisa has enforced a no video games/no gaming system rule in this house since the start of our marriage, and while I once chafed under this Luddite decree, I now see its value. Too many times we've chaperoned an event where the kids were just transfixed by their handheld systems, just brain dead and lacking social grace. Forget that.

We do, however, allow them access to the PC and approved games online, like Club Penguin (where, btw, I am the *best* mine cart surfer EVAH).


It's beginning to backfire on us, as the kids are obsessed with getting comp time, so who knows? Maybe we'll cut that off too in the near future.

At any rate, here's two pictures of little LuLu playing on the computer at her Grandma J's house in 2007 (age 4)



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Sybil said...

I do so agree with your decison there are so many children so hooked on their puter games etc that they have almost forgotten the art of play and communication with one another with proper speach.. don't worry about being the odd parents out..
Sybil xx