Monday, May 16, 2011

Nasty Weather, another Communion, and a TBR list

It was a nasty weekend here in Milwaukee. The weather was cold, the sky a consistent gray, the rain was incesstant, and the winds reached 30-35 mph. The cold was bad enough, as we had to dig out the winter jackets for the kids, the very same coats we just felt confident enough to pack away last week. The rain, eh, I can handle that. But that wind . . . yikes. I live 'near' the lake, and the wind in my backyard was considerably stronger than offically advertised, even ripping off a piece of siding near my back door.

What a morbidly bleak weekend.

There were some pluses. LuLu finished a large book report project, and we made some headway on the laundry. Big accomplishments, I know. We also attended the 1st Communion of Mary, one of LuLu's best friends.


* * * *

I want to take just a moment here to jot down a list of books to be read (or TBR as I call it). Yes, yes, I have dozens of books that await my eyes, but there have been some great choices at the bookstore lately, and I'm afraid they'll take precedence.

Henry Kissinger - On China

Lawrence Block - A drop of the Hard Stuff

John Sandford - Buried Prey

Rawhide Down: The Near Assasination of Ronald Reagan by Weiner? (misplaced authors name)

In the Garden of the Beasts by Erik Larson

There's also a book called "Think of a Number" (a mystery) that looks good, and I have to polish of Dubya's Decision Points.

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