Thursday, May 5, 2011

Smiley becomes a Tiger Cub Scout!

This Monday (May 2nd) me and Smiley attended his first ever Tiger Cub Scout meeting!


He'll be going into 1st grade next year, making him eligible for the Scouts, so when a flyer came home encouraging us to join up we jumped at the chance. Truth be know, I've tried to get him enrolled for a few months, even emailing the local council office.

At any rate, he was quickly absorbed in the activity of the night, while I sat through an orientation section. I filled out the application with pride. Lisa has been heavily vested in Girl Scouting with our girls; now it was the boys turn to shine! I intend to be involved in the Pack right along with Smiley.


We'll be attending a few events over the summer, but by and large his Scouting experience will begin in the Fall. We'll be breaking new ground together. While I was a Cub, Webelos, Boy Scout and Explorer, Tiger Cubs are a program that begin a few years into my Scouting years.

Smiley made and decorated a pair of spinning wood tops, got a welcome folder with a hologram, bookmarks, and baseball cards, and went home with a balloon and a cookie in his belly (and on his face!).


Congrats Smiley! I'm so happy for you!

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