Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Artiste Gene

This drawing of two dancers hangs outside YaYa's classroom and bears her signature. At a recent conference with her teacher, we asked if she traced it. Nope, her teacher replied (well, she didn't say 'nope', as that term is reserved for obnoxious bloggers). But she did say that it wasn't traced, simply eye-balled by YaYa from a picture she provided.

I'm impressed. While I can't deny a way with words and thus The Power to Move Masses, I've always envied those people who can take the pictures in their head and sketch them on paper. If I had that gift, and I could purge some of the ingenious ideas floating in my noggin, life would grand for all.

They've obviously inherited an artistic gene from Lisa, who should be -given the right breaks - Martha Stewart version 2.


Here's a giraffe Smiley drew too:


Here's some great work by LuLu



and by the Lump


Great, huh?


Sybil said...

Great aint the word....BRILLIANT...I woudl say..but then I might just be a wee bit bias being just "far away Sybil"
Love to all Sybil x

George M. Fancher said...

You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too Thanks

Reizen Afrika said...

Mijn lange wens om Zimbabwe te bezoeken is mei 2011 verwezenlijkt. Ik heb toen een mooie reis Afrika gemaakt. De politieke situatie in het land is tegenwoordig zodanig dat toerisme weer begint aan te trekken. En dat is mooi want wat is dit land prachtig !! Geef uw ogen goed de kost maar vergeet vooral ook uw fotoapparatuur niet om de schoonheid van dit land vast te kunnen leggen. Beautifull.