Saturday, September 24, 2011

Congrats to the Milwaukee Brewers, 2011 NL Central Division Champions!

Here's something you don't see everyday. To be more precise, here's something you see once every 29 years here in Milwaukee. To be even more precise, every 29 years and 25 minutes:


Tonight, riding on the back of a clutch 3 run home run by Ryan Braun, the Milwaukee Brewers clinched the NL Central Division title. It is the first divisional championship the Brewers have held since 1982, back when Reagan was President, the Soviet Union was a superpower, barely anyone owned computers and I was 8 years old.

Congrats to the Brewers. It's not *quite* as fun for me as 2008, when we clinched our first playoff run since that magical 1982 season, but it's a whopper none-the-less.

Good luck in October!


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