Sunday, September 25, 2011

FB September 18th thru 24th

Saturday Sept 24th

20 years ago today Nirvana released Nevermind, and w/in a few months my friend Atta would introduce me to Nirvana, PJ, and more. I can't believe it's been 20 yrs. Thanks Kurt & Co for a great 2 decades.


watching StarBlazers on Netflix, an old anime about resurrecting the battleship Yamamoto as a space ship standing btwn Earth & doom. I own the old Comico comic books, but was never a huge fan . . . and now I remember why. It's Robotech minus the writing.

Friday b4 work I had a 40 min phone interview w/ another job that would require relocation. Did it go well? I can never tell. Maybe she kept me yakking because she's a sadist. An oddity: she devoted some ?'s to my writing (it's a job that has nothing to do with the arts in any way) & expressed concern I would jump ship when - not if - my writing 'took off'. A) Yes. Yes I would. B) Where did that come from? I didn't bring it up, & it's about as likely a problem as me landing on the moon tomorrow.

Adoring FB's new Timeline feature. I really think it's a blessing, so long as folks will spend 5 minutes getting the hang of it. Of course, it could go all to hell when it's rolled out. We'll see.

This was the Dow's worst week since October 2008, dropping 6.4% for the week. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Obama is allowing states to scrap academic standards set forth in the No Child Left Behind Act because many schools are in danger of falling short of those standards. So rather than fix the problem, he'd rather eliminate the acknowledgement of the problems. What a do nothing/stand for nothing President.

Friday Sept 23rd

LuLu has never been much of a reader but has recently taken an interest in it. When coupled with a week of low esteem following an innocent remark Lisa made at Isiah's birthday party (saying Smiley was the nicest of the kids), I figured it was time for a little reward. I bought her a Betty & Veronica comic digest, an old favorite of my sister. She'd never heard of them before (!) but tore through it. I was so glad.



I signed in as a Facebook developer and enabled the new Timeline feature. I'm sure they'll be some horrific breach of privacy involved w/ it down the road, but at first glance the dang thing is wickedly awesome.

Let me summarize Nic Cage's 'Season of the Witch': anti-Christian to a vile degree, full of ret-conned history and belief, and Cage does an English accent ala Costner. F.

CERN is alleging that they have recorded subatomic particles traveling faster than the speed of light. Whoa. If true, this could shake up everything, and prove Einstein wrong . . . .

September 22nd

Yesterday I finished reading Christopher Buehlman's debut novel "Those Across the River"


It's a gothic horror story set in rural Georgia in the 1930's. It is WONDERFUL, a dark decent into terror tempered by Buehlman's smooth, poetic language. I enthusiastically recommend this book.

The word 'convenient' is the most inconvenient word for me to spell in the whole dang language. I just wrestled with it for two minutes trying to reply to a job, spelling it so 'off' spellcheck couldn't offer any advice. Geesh!

Milwaukee native Grace Weber is promoting her first national CD on TV this morning.

Clara Tung, the missing 11 yr old Greendale girl police were searching for, has been found unharmed.

Wed September 21st

Congrats to my Yanks for clinching a playoff spot for the 16th time in 17 seasons - as if there was ever any doubt :)

Reading 'Day of Fire', a chapter in Dubya's autobiography. I got the chills when he described his trip to NYC after the attacks.

After 31 years together, REM announced today they are "calling it a day" and disbanding. R(etire)IP guys.

watching the premiere of The X Factor

55 min to get from Bay View to Brookfield for dance class. Yikes.

grouchy & under the weather. I went to bed early but woke up 90 min later feeling like crud. Now debating benefits of netflix vs going back to bed. I'll let u know who wins ;)

Tuesday Sept 20th

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball

35 bodies were found on a single Mexican street. Again - Mexico has devolved into the Somalia of North America.

RIP Dolores Hope (widow of Bob), age 102.

Very bitter that this bloated DWTS special has pre-empted Wipeout. I didn't work all day to be scorned in primetime ABC. I am not amused.

Monday Sept 19th

I just finished warching Ashton Kutcher's debut on Two and a Half Men. I enjoyed it and found myself smiling/LOL several times. Maybe the show has some fuel left in the tank after all.

Digging the hot brunette on '2 Broke Girls'. The show's not bad either.

Congrats to Mariano Rivera on save #602, setting the all-time record and absolutely cementing his status as THE BEST EVER. Dang I love my Yanks!

Floyd Mayweather KO's Victor Ortiz for WBC title. Bam!

Sunday Sept 18th

After a lousy night of work I rented 'SuckerPunch'. It was visually exquisite. But it was also intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and artistically sterile. It was little more than a glorified video game trailer, and a fetishists rape fantasy played out under the guise of female 'empowerment'. EPIC FAIL. (wicked soundtrack tho')

Yet another reason to love Dubya. [news of a longtime feud between Bush and Perry] I'm not sold on Perry. Not by a long shot.

Spent part of the morning watching "Robotech" with Smiley, now off to a bday party, followed by football, a volleyball game for YaYa, more football, job hunting, and prob ten other things to consume this rainy day off.



@ YaYa's volleyball game.








A long day, but overall a good one. The bday party went much better than I expected, YaYa's team won their first game, after a tight contest I surged ahead to score a fantasy W at the close of SNF tonight, and Lisa's got a list of job openings highlighted and ready for my attention. Oh, and we had bacon and eggs for dinner. Can't go wrong with that.

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