Saturday, October 1, 2011

Facebook - August 20th - 31st

August 30th

"I just finished reading "Dark Side of the Sun" by Andrew Dymond, a Farscape novel. I thought at first that it was a lousy Farscape product that would have been a decent to middling stand-alone novel. But in the end, w/ no grasp of the characters, a habit of favoring description over action and dialogue, and a viscous tendency to fill pages with endless one line paragraphs, I say poo. A waste of my time."

"Never ignore the insticts of a coward"

9:19 am "‎@ job fair"

"‎2 comments: One, job fairs bring out a boatload of desperate people, myself included. Waited in line an hour & they said it would be the same or worse all day. You're doing swell Mr. President. Two: Not the greatest interview of my life, which is sad since the bar is set rather low. I had to prompt him to bring up anything other than my current gig, which is least impressive part of the resume by far. What a lousy way to kick off the 1st day of freedom (aka school year)."

"Any damn fool can predict the past. - Larry Niven"

August 28th

‎@ diner w/ family celebrating the last day of summer vacation"


Sad Sack Slapjacks
1. (8) Michael Turner
(Atl - RB)
2. (14) Peyton Hillis
(Cle - RB)
3. (26) DeSean Jackson
(Phi - WR)
4. (38) Mario Manningham
(NYG - WR)
5. (62) Sam Bradford
(StL - QB)
6. (74) Cedric Benson
(Cin - RB)
7. (86) Lance Moore
(NO - WR)
8. (98) New England
(NE - DEF)
9. (110) Jay Cutler
(Chi - QB)
10. (114) Brandon Jacobs
(NYG - RB)
11. (122) Johnny Knox
(Chi - WR)
12. (134) Rob Gronkowski
(NE - TE)
13. (146) Rob Bironas
(Ten - K)
14. (158) Marcedes Lewis
(Jac - TE)
15. (170) Derrick Mason
(NYJ - WR)
16. (182) Arizona
(Ari - DEF)

Walter Reed Army Medical Center closes its doors :(

August 26th

"On my lunch yesterday I finished reading "Dune Messiah" by Frank Herbert. Once again, I walked away stunned by how effective Herbert was at creating the universe of Dune, right down to the different language and speech patterns. I greatly enjoyed it."

"I just saw a radar pic of hurricane Irene. Whoa. To anyone on the East coast, take care. Our prayers are w/ u"

"‎22 to 9? Holy 27 rings Batman. The Yanks set a MLB record with 3 grand slams in a single game Thursday."

August 25th

"BTW, RIP Aaliyah, ten years on . . ."

The Journal-Sentinel is going to publish a column I wrote about the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It'll be published in the Sunday edition of 9-11-11, the first time my writing will appear in the hallowed Sunday 'Crossroads' section."

August 24th

"Need went deeper than proscription - Frank Herbert, Dune Messiah"

"kids and lisa are @ a local bookstore enjoying a back to school storytime"



YaYa got a new haircut today:




August 23rd

"While the world seems all giddy-goo over the likely fall of Gadhafi, I call B.S. You're ditching a known but neutered bad guy in exchange for a bunch of hoodlums who will - I'm sure {giggle} - install a fair, democratic gov't that is pro-US & believes in equality of the sexes, the right of Israel to exist, &freedom of speech. OR they'll install a Sharia (Islamic) gov't that'll serve as the Iraq for the next generation of American soldiers. Either/or. What a crock."

"A few nights ago we finished up season 1 of "Better Off Ted". It was a very funny, very well written show that deserved more than the chance it received."

"I watched the Mexican horror film 'Cronos' last night, the 1993 directorial debut of Guillermo del Toro. I liked it, and actually thought it was very sweet at times."

August 20th

"‎"Haters are confused admirers who can't understand why everybody likes you" Paul Coelho"

"Watched the '76 horror flick "Audrey Rose" starring Anthony Hopkins. Awful, boring, and lame."

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