Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maybe you can provide the answer . . .

Ok, World Wide Web, I need your help.

As a youngster I watched a WWII movie that's stuck in my head for thirty years. Unfortunately, the title was less memorable, and I've been unable to ID the movie to this day. Maybe you can help change that.

Here's what I know:

1. I watched it with my Grandpa, who died in 1983. I would place the viewing as somewhere between 1981 and '83. 

2. We watched it on the "Late Late Show" on CBS (6) in Milwaukee late one Saturday evening.

3. If it was on broadcast TV then, I can't imagine it being made any earlier than 1980 (and that's a stretch). 

4. I remember it being in color. For a second tier WWII flick, I'd say that dates it to no earlier than 1960. 

So we have a twenty year window, 1960-'80.

The plot:

a. A U.S. Army company is ambushed and destroyed in Europe by a German armoured force. I remember the German's broadcasting "Is anyone alive?" to the shattered group, searching for prisoners. 

b. a small number of Americans (seven?) escape and try to return to their own lines. 

c. one by one, over the course of the film, they are separated and picked off

d. one GI is captured. When the Germans take the pic of his wife from his wallet and toss it in the mud her frantically dives to the ground to retrieve it, ignoring their screams to stop. They shoot him dead on the spot. 

e. one of the last remaining characters is killed at the conclusion of the movie with a shot to the throat.

Any ideas folks?

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funny firm said...

Was it Das Boots? Or maybe the Great Santini? Other than those guesses no idea.