Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How The Hunger Games Movie Saved Our Lives

If you are alive at this moment and over the age of 5 you've heard of The Hunger Games, the bestselling trilogy by author Suzanne Collins. YaYa read the books, loved them, and like most pre-teen girls in 2012, became their Biggest Fan. I even took her to a Hunger Games day at a local bookstore.

I'm not knocking her interest in the series. On her recommendation I read them, and I liked them a lot (especially the first in the series), so of course we promised her she'd see the movie when it hit theaters. What we *didn't* tell her is that we'd surprise her by taking her to see the movie at midnight on the day it came out (March 22nd)!

She was ecstatic, but, oh, of course - come every argument between then and now it's "you never do anything for me!" :)

Alas, while she and Lisa had a blast, their return was fraught with danger. Read on, Dear Reader.

Last night Lisa woke up YaYa @ 11:15 and surprised her with the news that we'd bought tickets for the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games! They went together and had a blast, and even sat next to another kid [from their school] they saw there. When they got home and woke me up it was a preview of 'Catching Fire' - YaYa saw smoke coming from Lulu and Ginger's room. Sure enough, Ginger had fallen asleep with her head sandwiching the desk lamp between the pillow and mattress. Smoke was coming out, the pillow (Big Fat Kitty) was scorched and melted in bits, and Lauren - she was oblivious. How my smoke detectors scream at a slightly overdone pizza but missed this is beyond me, but I'm very glad the ladies changed their minds and skipped a 3am ice cream run on the way home from the show.

I was asleep downstairs on the couch, waiting for them to return. If they'd stayed out longer, or if we'd gone to bed as normal, we'd have slept through the incident until it someone got hurt or worse.

This is the damage it caused to the lamp

While it's harder to make out, here's the scorched and melted wounds to Big Fat Kitty

So thank you Katniss, Suzanne Collins, and the grand publicity department at the studio, for saving my little girl from harm. 

A few days later I saw the movie too. 

Here's my verdict, as written on Facebook:

I just got back from seeing "The Hunger Games". Wow. Seriously - wow. They could have raked in a fortune just by slapping something together on screen that loosely resembled the books. They could have, but they didn't. In every shot, in every scene, in every subtle adaptation from print to script, there is a respect for the source material. The best compliment? Absent the existence of the books, I still think this would rank as a damn fine movie. Well done. Grade: a solid, easy A.

You haven't read the books? You haven't seen the movie? Shame on you. Correct that error as soon as you can. 

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Estela said...

Timing is an amazing thing. So glad that true disaster was averted. We loved the movie and the book series too.