Sunday, July 1, 2012

My bit of the office

I thought you might like a glimpse into my cubicle at Job Current. No? Too bad, so sad. 

The pic above showcases not only a stunningly handsome man, but a wee bit of my two monitors. God Bless 'em both. Some folks at work have only one on their desk, something that seems guaranteed to reduce efficiency if you ask me. 

Anyhow, I've decorated my cubicle for a number of reasons. To bring a bit of home to work. To express who I am. And because I have an illogical hope that the decorations will sway any lay-off decision in my favor. 

Here's the wall behind me. There's the Nirvana and Doctor Who posters, a self portrait of LuLu, a turtle she made in art class, and a wonderfully colored 'dog on skateboard' she crafted at a local restaurant. 

Here's the wall just to the left of my monitors. Our 2012 Christmas card, a drawing by Ginger, a note from a co-worker that's covering up an ink stain from a pen that exploded ("best mapping response of the season goes to Dan: I'm not sure I can properly map a hop, skip and jump") and an "I love you" card Smiley gave me after a day he and I argued start to finish. :)

To my left is an abstract drawing by Ginger and an age-old art and creative writing project from YaYa, back when she was in K3 or K4 "The bright caterpillar, worm, and butterfly jumped quietly to their home". I love it. 

Last but not least, my computer tower itself, decorated in the holiest of holies, the trinity itself: The Yankees, a Tardis, and the Match Game logo. 

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