Monday, July 2, 2012

Three Books for You to Pick up - Or Not

I'm a fan of the USA Network's Psych, and yes, for the record, shame on CBS for ripping it off for The Mentalist. The great thing about "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Read" is that author William Rabkin accomplishes the near impossible for a TV tie-in novel. He not only make it readable, he captures the characters to a 'T'. The dialouge is spot on and literally LOL. 

I grade this a personal A, and an objective B/B+. 

Book #48 of the year

I am also a fan of A.Lee Martinez, and I did enjoy  his latest novel, "Emperor Mollusk versus the Sinister Brain". But . . . it ain't his best work. Not his funniest. Not his most original. Not the best plot. Not, in short, my favorite.

Grade: C+

Book # 49 of the year.

For the Pysch tie-in novel  The Call of the Mild you can second most of my praise of author William Rabkin. But I ID'd the killer long before Shawn and Gus did, and I wasn't pleased with the way the subplot of Henry's protege worked out. This was the weaker effort of the two.

Grade: C

Book # 50 of the year.

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