Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Blast from the Past - House on the Rock '95

Excluding my huge'90's glasses, my thin to the point of alopecia beard and my patented "this gray sweatshirt makes my belly look flat" method of dress, this is a swell picture.

This was taken on May 24th, 1995 at the House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin. It was my first visit to the place, but Lisa was a veteran and had recommended it, and good on her - I loved it.

It was on this trip that I bought her a lovely glass paperweight that still resides in our home today.

Note also my red winter jacket, which Lisa had absconded from me. I ordered that from a glossy advertisement in the Sunday paper, and gladly paid extra for my name to be embroidered on the chest. It was a different time, what can I say?

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Fred Oftencold said...

Ah! If we knew then what we know now!

(Sadly, I don't really know all that much more now.

That's about the time I got my first Internet account, all text, 1200 bps modem. When I tried to explain to people what it meant and could be used for, they looked at me like I was pontificating on the virtues of collecting shoestrings.