Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mix and Match

In keeping with a longstanding tradition, I have started my fantasy football season 0-1. Eli was lethargic and my running backs . . . well, damn them all. My WR, TE, K and D all did well, and I crept close to the century mark in points. Break 100 pts in a given week and you'll win more games than you lose, so not all is lost. Yet.

 Last night we watched the premiere of Matthew Perry's new sitcom "Go On". I liked it, which was a pleasant suprise if I'm being honest, but I don't see it surviving long. It's a little dry and at times a little serious for a primetime network sitcom. We'll watch it again.

 Shows we've taken to recording/watching: "Oddities". "American Restoration". "Great Lakes Warriors" We started watching "American Gypsies" but grew tired of it, or at least I did.

 The kids have taken a shine to Full House, the old ABC sitcom from my youth. They really like it - just as they really like Psych and enjoy The Nanny and American Dad (the latter I object to and ban from their viewing, but a sitter has allowed them to skirt the rule. Ridiculous.) They occasionally watch the Brady Bunch too. YaYa is also into anime, and last week, with my permission, watched the Japanese film 'Battle Royale'.


 I walked the kids home from school Monday, a good 45 minute walk, and to my surprise three of the kids did it without so much as whine or a whimper. I say three because Olivia was pooped 5 minutes into the walk and was not the best company for much of the route. I had been warned; my sister was so sure she was a 'lousy walker' that she asked Lu to have me photograph the event just for the shock value.

 In addition to walking them home from school I've been trying to walk a lot lately just for exercise. There was the epic hike in the rain with Ginger and Smiley, and the other night Smiley and I walked to the store and back around 9pm, with Smiley carrying a bag of laundry detergent and soda home without once asking me for help. The next evening LuLu and I walked to my friends house and back. I like the idea of getting more exercise and of including the kids in that routine.


Saturday I finished reading "Fire in the Streets: The Battle for Hue, Tet 1968" by Eric Hammel. As the title states, it's a detailed narrative history of American efforts in Hue during the Tet offensive. It is very detailed at the small unit level, up to and including estimates of how many rounds were expended during an action, and there's plenty of eyewittness accounts to hold your interest. Some flaws: I think the depth of the detail numbs you after awhile, and certainly puts it out of reach of the casual reader. It's also devoid of any overall context or analysis of the battle, reducing it to just a record of a shoot-em-up. Still, I enjoyed it. Grade: B

Book #74 of 2012


Best finale of Bachelor Pad imaginable. What a great, shocking moment! All hail reality TV, and all Hail King Jeff!

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