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Welcome to 2003! pt 1

In 2003 I used my monthly planner to jot down very brief notes about my day - sometimes too brief. At times, reading over the list, I had no idea what a notation meant. So when it came time to type the notes up for posterity, I’ve added a ‘?’ behind my reports of those forgotten but apparently noteworthy events.

There are several significant milestones in the newborn LuLu’s life mentioned below; those events I’ve written in boldface.

You’ll also note that I spent a lot of time going out to eat and attending Brewers games. That seems so implausible, given my current financial standing, that I literally grew depressed almost to the point of tears after I typed it up.  Apparently, I had a lot more financial wiggle room in 2003 than I noticed at the time.

With that nonsense out of the way, welcome to 2003!

January 2003

Thursday the 2nd: Grandma Clara turns 80

Friday the 3rd: found out we’re having a girl!

Friday the 10th: noon [appt] for Yaya

Sunday 12th - Grandma's (Clara) Bday Party 1:30 PM  in the Hospitality Inn Columns ballroom

Thurs the 16th: Jaspare and Chris’ birthday’s

Sun the 19th: Tastefully Simple Party

Monday the 20th: Lisa 3 PM appt with ob/gyn

Wed 22nd - Lisa sick. I watch YaYa. [pediatrician] 1pm. Cafe Chili @ night.

February 2003

Thurs the 6th: Dan water aerobics

Monday the 10th: job interview [for who?] at 4 PM

Tuesday the 11th: Toddler playgroup 9-10 AM

Wednesday the 12th: 1:45 PM appt with ob/gyn + glucose [test] 6PM Aerobics

Thurs the 13th: toddler group

Thurs the 14th: todder group 9-10 AM

Friday the 28th: Dan [what?] 11:15

March 2003

Sunday March 2nd:   Barney! [live show downtown] After Barney cake for Katie.
Thursday March 6th:  Stacey’s bday. Sleepover.

Monday the 10th: Ob/gyn appointment 2:30 PM – ask for records

Friday the 21st: Swizzlers? [restaurant]

Saturday the 22nd: Bucco [Di Beppo’s restaurant] 4:00 w/ Mom [Jeanne] for Dan’s bday

Sunday the 23rd: Stacey’s bday party

Monday the 24th: car seat [buy a second one?]

Tuesday the 25th: Los Mariachi’s [restaurant]

Friday the 28th: 1 PM Dan doc appt

Monday the 31st: We take YaYa to see the 3 PM showing of The Piglet Movie at South Shore, cost $5.50, theater Left 9. YaY’s 1st ever movie!

April 2003

Friday the 4th:  10:30 Walmart pics

Saturday the 5th: Bucco @ 4PM for Dan’s Mom’s bday

Sunday the 6th: Pancake breakfast [w/ Easter bunny] and from 12-230 Skate University skating party [for who?]

Monday the 7th: 2:30 PM ob/gyn

Tuesday the 8th: last day of playgroup

Wednesday the 9th: 3 PM ob/gyn

Tuesday the 15th: Lisa – haircut

Wednesday the 16th: 1PM pediatrician for YaYa. Anthony and Nina? [playgroup friend (Anthony) of YaYa). Question mark original] Bucks game 7:00 (Dan, Jonah)

Thursday the 17th: Easter egg dyeing

Friday the 18th: baby shower 11:30

Easter Sunday the 20th: Church. Arthur Ave 4/4:30 pm

Tuesday the 22nd: Stacey’s baptismal anniversary (kitty and card)

Wednesday the 23rd: ob/gyn at 3:15PM. 6-8 open house at flat ?

Saturday the 26th: Tre tuxes

Sunday the 27th: favors and invites at Pam & Tre’s

Monday the 28th: oil change

Tuesday the 29th: playgroup at 9 AM

Wednesday the 30th: 2:45 ob/gyn

May 2003

Thursday the 1st: playgroup 9 am

Tuesday the 6th: project and snack for YaYa’s class

Wednesday the 7th: 2:45 PM ob/gyn

Friday the 9th: Pick up slide @ 2 PM

Saturday the 10th: Mindy’s class @ 8 am.

Sunday the 11th: Dan’s Mom’s house and hospital then eat at Bamboo House

Tuesday the 13th: Playgroup

Wednesday the 14th: 2:30 ob/gyn

Thursday the 15th: tuxes with tre. Dan’s class at 7 pm

Friday the 16th: Fish fry Sioux and Dave @ 5-7:30? (? Original)

Saturday the 17th: Dave – videogames, movie? Sprint (? Original)

Sunday the 18th: 3 PM manicure/pedicure for Lisa and Jeanne

Monday the 19th: Chuck E Cheese for YaYa

Tuesday the 20th: playgroup

Thursday the 22nd: ob/gyn 1:15 PM playgroup 9-10

Friday the 23rd: Movie

Saturday the 24th: 4PM BBQ w/ Mom and Jaspare

Wed the 28th: LuLu's due date (marked with a blue colored heart). 8 am ob/gyn

Thurs the 29th: Olive Garden; library with YaYa

Friday the 30th: Finding Nemo opens. Yaya went with grandma (Jeanne) to Southgate to see Nemo!

Sat 31st - Pam's wedding shower 2PM

June 2003
Sunday the 1st:  Elliot’s graduation. 1PM Brian and DeLaura’s baby shower

Monday the 2nd – tux fitting 4PM

Tuesday the 3rd: Sammy Sosa is caught using a corked bat

Wednesday the 4thLuLu is born! J

Sunday the 10th: 9pm channel 71 - madonna

Wednesday the 11th: Jaspare and Jeanne’s anniversary

Thursday the 12thumbilical cord falls off; 1st bath. Pick up mindy @ 3:30. 6-8PM Chuck E Cheese for Caitlin’s bday

Sat the 14th – Eric and Kris’ wedding reception

Monday the 16thLuLu’s 1st bus ride! Nina and Anthony 5ish

Wed the 18thLuLu doc 22” 9# 15 oz [1st visit to Pri**o]

Thurs the 19thLu and YaYa’s 1st bath together! Jolene 1ish? [? In original]

Friday the 20th: 1:30 PM appt at Walmart Vision @ Southgate. 3PM tux fitting

June 21st – Tre’s bachelor party. Esperanza’s 3rd bday @ Jackson park

Thursday June 26thpoop incident (I think this is when YaYa chose to decorate the wall of her room in her poop). Mindy’s party 7pm.

Friday the 27th: Tastefully Simple party 6PM. Mindy’s party at 11:30-3:30PM

Saturday the 28th: Lisa gets hair cut and dyed “by Robbie” at 1PM

Monday the 30th: noon-3 Children’s Day [Summerfest]

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