Thursday, October 4, 2012

This and That

Just for posterity: I passed my driver’s license exam at 11:50a.m on 05/07/93 at test site “MSWI” (Loomis Road) with a total of 9 points deducted off.

Tuesday I made stuffed green peppers for dinner, the first time I've ever prepared it myself. They turned out very well - I seriously, objectively think they were some of the tastiest I've ever had. The kids (minus Ginger) liked 'em too, and Smiley praised my cooking. Yay me.

Yesterday, while the peppers were cooking, I finished the last of the episodes of Psych available for streaming through Netflix (seasons 1-5). I adore the show. I think the characters are well developed and interact flawlessly, the mysteries are fun and interesting, and I find myself LOL at a lot of the lines. It’s become such a favorite in the house that I caught the kids sneaking episodes of it on their Netflix enabled TV when they should have been sleeping! Grade: A++++++

I’ve also just finished Season 1 of Monk on Netflix. I’ve seen a few scattered episodes from later years and this season lacks the humor and ease of those examples, but that’s to be expected as a series feels its way out of the gate. It hasn’t caught on in the house – Lisa commented that she believes it both glorifies and diminishes those with mental illness – but I like it. Grade: B

Tonight I finished reading “Running out of Time”, a young adult novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix that Grace polished off a few weeks ago. It’s the story of a young girl raised in a village in the 1830’s that discovers it is actually 1996 and her family is part of an elaborate historical preserves. When diphtheria hits the village she alone must flee to the outside world to bring help. Remind you of The Village? Me too, but this predates the movie and makes a lot more sense. I liked it – Haddix has a knack for spinning a good yarn. Grade: B

Book# 78 of 2012

Do I like my new job? Hmm. Let me answer the only way an adult with four kids and a mortgage SHOULD answer: It doesn't matter. As long as the paychecks keep trickling in, and so long as there is nothing better knocking down my door, then the answer is "I am happy to have a job, ANY job, in this so-called improving economy". 

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