Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day - *before* any results have come out

On the eve of the election Lisa took part in a telephone survey - the first time this season anyone has officially asked our opinion. 

We took the kids with us to vote right as the polls opened, and it was quite a long line, looping around the hall and out the door, but it moved quickly. Voter #69 in my ward - not as cool as being voter #420, but still worthy of a snicker.

Ok, my prediction: Lisa anticipates an Obama landslide, but that's not going to happen. I think, in one of the lousier moments in American history, that Obama will eke out a win in a tight contest, finishing with ~290 electoral votes. It's a far cry from '08, and a sign that a lot of the country wised up and quit swallowing the Kool-Aid, but still a loss for the good guys. Still, many people wiser than me are predicting a Romney win, and I hope and pray that they are right. That said, their optimism brings to mind a quote from the great Winston Wolfe: "well boys, let's not start sucking each other's d**ks quite yet."

I am happy, and extraordinarily proud, to have had another chance to cast my ballot for Tommy Thompson. 

The kids' school held a mock election today and Romney beat Obama 104-90. The Big Three voted correctly (Smiley was very proud of his choice) but Feral Child (age 5) claims to have voted for Obama because she "wants him to have four mo' years".

It's hard to describe the emotions I felt when I read on CNN that Mitt Romney had foregone tradition and taken to the campaign trail today in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. For him to go the extra mile, to give it 110%, and battle right up to the very end - THAT'S the kind of President this country deserves. I'm so proud to have cast my ballot for the man.

note: pics are of a sample ballot

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