Monday, November 12, 2012

Report Cards - Quarter 1

Report card/parent teacher conferences were this past Wednesday. Both of my oldest girls made the Honor Roll, Smiley did much better than I expected given his own assessments of his performance to date (confidence boy, confidence!), and Ginger . . . well, she hasn’t been expelled. Yet.

YaYa:  A’s in: Gym, Science, and Technology (Computers). A-‘s in: Music, Art, Reading (huh? The kid reads nonstop), and Social Studies. B’s in: Religion and Language Arts. B-  in Spanish and a lone C in Math, which her teacher chalks up to her lack of confidence rather than a lack of understanding or skill. Health is not listed as a subject.

GPA: 3.294

LuLu:  A+ in Health.  A’s in: Gym, Art, Spanish, Social Studies. A- in Religion, Technology (Computers) and Music.  B+ in Language Arts.  B in Reading. C+ in Math and a C in Science; neither of the last two are acceptable.

GPA: 3.263

 We have submitted paperwork at the local community center requesting a math tutor for both girls, mainly just to boost their confidence in the subject.

Smiley: No letter grades in 2nd grade just N (needs improvement) P (progressing) and S (Secure).
P’s in Health, Reading, Religion, Music, Social Studies. S’s in Gym, Science, Math, Art, Spanish, Computer.  A single lone ‘N’ is English, due largely to a series of disastrous spelling tests. No ‘N’s in the behavior section.

Ginger’s class is graded with + (demonstrates consistent understanding and application), / (general understanding) and – (needs more time to develop); there is no overall grade for each subject, just a series of individually assessed skills within each area. For convenience sake I’m going to ‘round up’ using whatever grade appeared most often under that banner.

+’s in: gym, music, math, social studies, Spanish, computer. /’s in language arts, science, religion. Under fine motor skills it’s 2 ‘/’’s and a single ‘-‘ under “prints first name”. She’s been getting into all sorts of trouble for writing her name all goosey-loosey when she knows better.

Under behavior she received N’s (needs improvement) under: demonstrates self control, accepts responsibility for own actions, demonstrates listening skills, and follows directions. She also was given a N  for “speaks clearly using appropriate language patterns”

Good job kids! Mom and Dad are proud of you all! XXOOXXOO

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