Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who Loves Ya Baby?

I’ve had some rather eclectic television habits lately. Lisa and I have been watching “American Horror Story” on Netflix but have yet to finish the season, so that review will have to wait. Aside from that, and our standard TV viewing choices, I’ve recently watched:

1.       The pilot of Magnum P.I. I thought it was very entertaining and didn’t deviate much from the feel of the series as a whole, though Magnum was more of an outsider/rebel at that stage in the game.

2.       Season 1/Episode 14 of The Donna Reed Show entitled “A Very Merry Christmas”. This episode features the great Buster Keaton, which was a treat in and of itself. I adored The Donna Reed Show when it ran on Nick at Nite back in the ‘80’s, and I liked this episode, but I did notice the characters seemed stiffer and less convincing then I remember.  Perhaps it was just a bad choice of episodes to pick. 

3.       I watched the Kojak episode  “Die Before They Wake”, which originally aired February 6th, 1974, a month before I was born.  I really dug this episode, which featured Tina Louise (Ginger from Gilligan’s Island) as a heroin addict and a recruiter for a prostitution ring. It’s a bit part, really, but noteworthy. Jess Walton, who I guess has made a name for herself on soaps over the ensuing years, actually had the big guest starring role and wowy wow wow was she gorgeous. My word. Great story, great characters, great dialogue. I’m a fan.

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