Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The School Christmas Concert

Today is the annual Christmas concert, and while Lisa is at the show even as I type, I attended the afternoon rehearsal. Being me, I texted my review of the show as it went on!

1:39 PM: YaYa doing well

1:43 PM 3rd grade doing dance #, no vocals  [not one of our classes]

1:49 PM 4th grade (LuLu's) kinda blah so far

1:51 PM 4th grade 2nd song muuuch better. . . Lu doesn't enjoy the stage like the rest of our kids I think ;)

Lisa's response:  She waaaants to, her fear gets in the way of her being a star - but she wants to shine!

Me:  Ok - MOM! LOL 

1:58 PM Smiley singing proud

2:00 Singing at full joyous volume :)

2:07 PM Ginger on stage. Whatta smile!

2:10 PM - Oops! Ginger one beat ahead on her hand motions!

02:11 PM - [the school's traditional, infamous] Russian Dance!!

2:22 PM  YaYa up on stage again

Anyhow, I know the pictures don't sync with the text, but I'm pretty darn exhausted. It was a pleasure to watch and later I posted this on Facebook:

I spent the afternoon at the rehearsal for tonight's school Christmas concert. Yes, these buggers annoy me often, but when I catch myself grinning ear to ear at one of these things, or getting a big hug from all of 'em afterwards, I know the truth: if nothing else, I was born to be a Daddy.

Merry Christmas from the kids of Team Slap!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the concert, the kids look great. Love the pictures, thanks for sharing them.

Donna said...

I just have to tell you, I love your family. Such a normal family in these totally abnormal times. Thanks for a breath of fresh air.

Slapinions said...

Awww, thanks Donna! Merry Christmas!