Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quote(s) of the Day

The following letter came home with Ginger the other day:

Mr. + Mrs. Slap –
[Ginger] has been bringing a lot of toys to school and as you know this causes problems.
She sneaks them out during the day to play when she should be working. I have quite a collection of things I have taken from her.
Please do not let her bring any toys to school. Make sure she brings in her folder and other things she needs for her day and keep toys at home.
Mrs. Charn-

Note that in addition to scolding Ginger for the toys, there’s that late little jab at how ‘unprepared’ we send her off in the morning.

That kid is trouble, pure trouble.


Lisa and her Entourage went shopping, and when they returned they were eager to tell me that they’d seen my doppelganger at the store, someone who could pass for my identical twin.

“So you were attracted to this guy?”  I asked Lisa.

Without pausing for so much as a millisecond she gave me her answer:

“No, not at all.”

*crickets chirp*


I greatly enjoy Pierniczk Alperjskie, which may be a Polish brand name or just the name of the food itself; a Bing search would settle the issue by damnit, sometimes a mystery adds spice to life.  They are soft, chocolate covered gingerbread cookies with a strawberry filling. No one else in the family can stand them, which is bully for me. 

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